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who else is working today?

Stuck here at work eatting hospital food thanksgiving dinner alone...bawling my eyes out. Hormonal and thinking about how this is the first one not with hubby and family. (My family decided to go ahead and do dinner without me knowing I was the only one working today :/

Hubby said he would make a full thanksgiving dinner just for me if I wanted him to ♥ he's so sweet.

Re: who else is working today?

  • I'm in Canada so no thanksgiving for me. We had ours in October :-)

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  • I had to work this morning. First appearances (where you're entitled to see a judge within 24 hours of being arrested). Soooooo many people got arrested last night. Ugh.
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  • Sorry you have to work today but you said you were stuck eating hospital food so it sounds like you have an important job where lots of people depend on wonderful people like you.
    Hope that helps makes you feel better about being away from family & DH & missing out on the good food.
    Since I can't thank any one like you in person today I will send out a big Internet thank you to you for what you do for your community.
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