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Thrush Treatment?

Just wondering if anybody knows of an effective way to treat thrush infection of the breast over the counter?

Re: Thrush Treatment?

  • Don't even mess with it, get a prescription and an APNO! Yeast takes so long to clear and you and baby can keep passing it to each other. I had it for ten weeks it's miserable. The topical over the counter (miconisol) didn't do anything, nothing worked until a long dose of antibiotics and the right APNO combination. I had it rough, get ahead of it! Good luck!
  • We've had it twice and my lc had me use lotramin on my breast after each feeding, and wash everything with vinegar (nursing pads, bra, baby cloths, etc.). We also had a prescription for nystatin for the baby. They say you need to treat both you and baby at the same time.
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  • We both have thrush right now and it's miserable! I have been on diflucan for 5 days, baby has been on nystantin for 4. We have also been sterilizing, doing gentian violet and vinegar cleanses. I started the APNO yesterday. Still no improvement! It hurts so bad to nurse and because of the pain and stress my supply has plummeted :( on top of everything the nystantin seems to be giving the baby terrible stomach pains and gas bubbles. Hopefully things get better soon, I am about ready to give up!

  • Ugh I'm so sorry don't give up, you'll get past it! I had two rounds of diflucan I was on it for my entire maternity leave. I was allergic to something in the miconisol and APNO so that made it worse and burning nipples, had to have a different APNO made and that helped ease the pain. You'll get through it, hugs to you!!
  • Grapefruit seed extract helped a ton! Absolutely start taking probiotics right away!!
  • I did the gentian violet and it cleared things up for us in about a week. I put it in LO s mouth once a day and painted my nipples twice a day. That's all we did but I don't think our case was as bad as most of the ones on here. Good luck.
  • I haven't personally had this but at a recent LLL meeting they suggested taking a probiotic.
  • My DD and I just found out we have the beginning of thrush so pediatrician prescribed cream for me and antibiotic for LO. I have heard the probiotic works wonders.
  • Coconut oil!! It sounds super simple and might not work for everyone but I read about it and tried it and thrush was gone in about a week and a half.
  • I'm wondering your regimen for coconut oil, I use it for everything else, worth a shot for thrush! (I'm on diflucan also though)
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