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Pacifier use

Can you mommy's tell me positive stories of pacifier use and able to breastfeed for a year. I was happy when LO wasn't taking it but now he is at 1 month and making me nervous. I just want to breastfeed longer this time around, only made it 5 months with my first

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  • My son is 2. I nursed/pumped until 14 months. Pacifier was never an fact I used it to help stop nursing him to sleep. Only downside is that at 2 he still loves it...mommy is weak and is so happy to have a good sleeper that I haven't gotten rid of it yet. I plan the same strategy with baby 2
  • My LO only wants his pacifier from grandma and daddy. With me he just wants the boobies. All babies have different personalities and preferences though. If it's been a month and BFing is good well and without issues I'd say try a pacifier if you want to. If it interferes with nursing stop offering it.
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  • My first used a paci and nursed 16 mths. I haven't started my now 3 week old on one but know I will once his latch improves. We do finger such exercises and he really uses it for comfort too.
  • My LO would not take one at all. We tried a few times, but she was never interested.
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