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Hi ladies!

So I'm totally freaking out. I've been exclusively pumping for 5 months but recently I had to stop. The medication that I've been put on passes through breastmilk. I've known this before trying to get pregnant which is why I decided to exclusively pump & build a stash. I have a deep freezer with 1,600 ounces. Well I thought everything was just fine & dandy until I noticed a smell. Every bag I've pulled out smells metallic like rusty nails & according to Dr Google that means I have an excess lipase problem. What. The. Fuck.

I've already started the medication & stopped pumping so it's not like I can give LO fresh milk.

I've read that the milk isn't bad, the excess lipase just causes an icky smell & taste.
LO has been drinking it with no problem but today I randomly decided to smell & taste it. Yuck. I'm stuck between giving LO metallic milk or watching 5 months of hard work literally go down the drain. I want to just cry.

The lactation consultant I saw at the hospital when I delivered gave me her card & I'm waiting on her to call me back. Should I go out & buy formula in the meantime?
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Re: Freezer Stash

  • As far as I know & have read, this doesn't effect the quality of the milk. In some cases, the baby doesn't like it but if yours is drinking it fine, I think it's ok. I know how you can prevent it but that won't help now
  • @teather5 yeah I read to scald the milk first before storing it but I can't go back now. My doubts are coming from the taste. It was really nasty. I know they say the quality is fine but I felt bad giving LO that milk after I tasted it. I'm just an emotional mess right now.
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  • It tastes like vomit, right? It's actually normal. The lipase tastes gross, but if LO doesn't mind it and doesn't get sick, then it's fine. Happened to my milk too, but she takes it just fine. If the milk is bad, it will smell sour, not metallic. You can scald it if you like prior to freezing, but then you're losing nutritional value.
  • @cait7425 omg yes it tasted like vomit!! The first bottle I tried was so bad I ran to the sink to spit it out. I stopped smelling his bottles today because it makes my stomach turn.
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    Yeah, talk to your LC to confirm, but if you Google it you'll see it can be normal. I dumped a bunch of packages thinking that they were all spoiled. But it just turns out it's high lipase. I thought that maybe because I was leaving my milk in the fridge for a day or two before freezing that it had spoiled. But we tested it out with milk that we froze immediately, and it all had the same taste. I feel like the longer it's frozen the worse the taste is. So like stuff that we froze the day before tasted better than stuff we froze a month ago. Soapy or metallic smell is normal, spoiled or sour is not.
  • @cait7425 I did the same thing!! After tasting the first disgusting bottle, I panicked & started checking bags. I wanted to compare the bags on top to the bags towards the bottom. They all smelled & me not knowing any better I dumped it right down the sink. Luckily I didn't throw away too many. The lactation consultant just called me back & confirmed that it's definitely lipase & not bad milk. You're exactly right, unless it smells sour then it's totally fine. Jeez this stuff is complicated.
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  • I have high lipase as well. Smells nasty! LO doesn't mind, thank god. But blech...
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  • Oh goodness. Why wouldn't they warn you before if that's so common. Like a first time mom (or first time BFing mom) would just know that?! That should be included in BFing 101. I would freak out.

    Glad it's nothing to worry about!
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