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Sorry if this has been asked and answered on another board, I can not find it anywhere!  My friend's mother suggested that I register for a variety of sizes of baby clothes, just not newborn sizes because babies grow so quickly.  Do any of you have suggestions of how many newborn, 0-3 month, 3-6 month outfits, onsies, etc, should be added to the registry?  I'm at a bit of a loss! 

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  • Well, I'd probably be a bit surprised to find a registry full of baby clothes, so I would only add maybe one or two outfits/onesies for teh 0-3, 3-6 month range, and maybe 1 6-9. I wouldn't register for newborn unless you are measuring small.

    People love to give clothes. I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed with NB and 0-3 stuff.
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  • i didn't add any clothes to my registry. i feel like people are going to buy clothes they like not ones you register for. I did add a note to mine though since i was measuring large and DH is 6'6" so i asked for no newborn sizes since i thought she'd be too big. It was a good thing she was 9lbs 10oz

  • I added about 2 or 3 outfits that I thought were cute to my registry. I made sure to put the undershirts on the registry but other than that I think most people will buy you clothes whether you ask for them or not. 
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  • As someone who has attended a lot of baby showers, but not yet had my own, I will first say that I agree with PPs that you shouldn't register for a lot of clothes because people will pick out what they like, and even if you don't register for clothes at all, lots of people will still buy you clothes, because it's hard to resist the cute baby clothes, lol.
     Second, I always try to buy friends/family multiple outfits in various sizes, because I know that they need them past the first month or two. I think a lot of people know this already, but it maybe depends on your friends circle. If you are one of the first to have a baby, you might get a lot more newborn outfits, but otherwise, I think people know to buy different sizes.
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  • I don't recommend adding hardly any clothing to the registry. I registered for a couple newborn onesies and a pack of sleeping gowns. Which I received, plus enough clothes for 12 babies for the first 6 months of their lives. Most people like shopping for baby clothes, they're cute and small. If any of your guests have children they will likely buy a variety of sizes and throw in a couple essentials, such as hats, socks and newborn mittens without it being on the registry.
  • I agree in not registering for many clothes. Clothes on stores change si frequently and you really have no idea what size your lo will be and how they will grow. For me DS 1 was in 24 months at a year, DS2 is 3 and just now in 24 months and DD is a newborn but in preemie. Factoring seasons and growth is just not practical and a registry full of clothes is a bit odd as well. People will buy clothes because they like too and even if you did register they likely would still pick clothes they liked

  • I added about 2 or 3 outfits that I thought were cute to my registry. I made sure to put the undershirts on the registry but other than that I think most people will buy you clothes whether you ask for them or not. 

    This. People will buy clothes no matter what. But if it helps, LO was born average size, 7.5lbs, and wore newborn clothes for 4 weeks before moving up to 3 month size. At 13 weeks we had to move to 6 month size. She's growing like a weed!
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  • I didn't put any clothes (or blankies for that matter) because those are things people buy whether you register for them or not. It all depends on the baby, I did tell people who asked that we were staying away from too much newborn sized clothing because I didn't think it would be worth the short time she would wear it. I had 6 or so things in newborn and ended up needing to buy more because she was in them for 3 months. A friend of mine had a baby around the same time, and her baby was only in newborn clothes for 2 weeks. Even seasonal things like jackets and snowsuits I would wait on it, because you don't know what size they will be at that season.

  • The only clothes that I put on my registry were plain white, long sleeve onesies to wear underneath sleepers. They are Gerber brand from Target.  As PP have stated, people are going to buy clothes no matter what, so I didn't bother putting any actual outfits on there.  I also put a couple packages of those little mittens for their hands. 

  • I put two Burt's Bees "baskets" on the registry, they're sold all the time so I'm not worried about seasonal supply issues. I just put 0-3 months, I'm not registering for any other clothes since the seasons change so quickly. 
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  • I wouldn't put any clothes on the registry, people will buy what they want to buy. Also, most people know not to buy just newborn since most babies grow right out of it. For my shower I received sizes preemie-2t.
  • I had baby clothes on my registry but now they are all gone (they were seasonal).  We took my 11 yo DD with us to help us with our registry, and when we gave her the gun that is what she went for lol.  I didn't expect people to buy them or anything- it was just a way to help our daughter feel involved in the baby planning process with us as a whole family.
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  • Physical therapist will tell you not to use the little mittens much. If you're not supervising they're ok occasionally.
  • Baby'smom said:

    Physical therapist will tell you not to use the little mittens much. If you're not supervising they're ok occasionally.

    Why is that?
  • @Baby'smom I am a physical therapist. Im also interested...What is the reasoning behind that?
  • I didn't register for any baby clothes (we're team green), and still got a whole bunch in sizes that ranged from newborn to 12 months. People got me everything from basic onesies and socks to sleepers, outfit sets, shoes and hoodies. People will buy you what they think is cute, and a lot of people like to buy baby clothes for showers. If you know where the clothes came from, you can always return things if you get a ton of newborn or out of season stuff your baby won't fit into. I didn't run into that issue. Unless there are specific things you want, like a holiday outfit or a snowsuit or a stock of onesies, I wouldn't register for much clothing (or any). Instead, I would add things like socks and bibs that you'll definitely need a whole bunch of.
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