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Baby Has Trouble Eating


My daughter is two month old and she has been having difficulty eating during the day for the past 4 days. I am exclusively pumping since she does not want to take the breast. She eats 120ml like before at her 4am and 8 am feedings but really struggles to eat more than 20-60ml during all her other feedings. She was up all day for two of those days and slept all day for the other two. She was a great eater before eating 120 every 2-3 hours and about every 4 or sometimes up to 7h at night. Also, sometimes she looks like she is about to throw up (opens her mouth and wants to push something out but does not) and this started a while ago. Any thoughts or similar situations? We have a doctors appointment on Monday but I am worried. Thanks in advance.

Re: Baby Has Trouble Eating

  • Ds is 8 weeks and doing similar things. I attribute it to the 8 week wonder week. I'm still bf and he fights it. We tried bottle which he also fights so just stuck with breast so not sure exactly what's he's getting like you but it's definitely less. His sleep is also all messed up. We are on day 4 of this.
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  • I also thought that it was Wonder Week but she looks in pain, like she wants to eat but cannot. 
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  • Maybe its reflux, my son was doing that thing were he opened up his mouth like if he was going to throw up and looked like he was in pain and sure enough it was reflux, now he's on meds and is doing so much better
  • Is she congested or have an ear infection? Congestion can make them gag and make it hard to suck since they can't breathe and eat at the same time if their noses are plugged. Ear infections make sucking painful. Also if she has a sore throat possibly.
  • This sounds like my DD. She has horrible reflux. Try bottle feeding her on her side (one cheek down like the football hold) at about a 30 degree incline. I got this trick from the speech therapist who evaluated her and it made all the difference in the world. And use a smaller nipple size. Also if you are breast feeding hand express a little first so she doesn't get a strong spray when you let down. The key is not to let the milk hit or pool in the back of her mouth, rather it should look in her cheek and drip out the side when she's not actively sucking. She is also on meds and thickened formula. The other thing that has made a big difference is that we take her to a pediatric chiropractor. We immediately noticed less reflux episodes and she rarely spits up anymore. When she does they are much smaller than before. She is a much happier baby now. Our chiropractor said that there is a nerve that when it is out of whack, makes reflux worse.
  • Sounds like silent reflux.
  • My baby also had reflux and I'm considering taking him to the chiropractor. What kind of things did they do? And did you take your baby just once or do you have to go multiple times?

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