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Frustration with doctor

I'm still new here, but I need to vent and want to see if anyone has any advice. I'm 31, no kids, currently in the midst of my second mc. When I got pregnant this time my OB wanted to do blood tests since I had the prior mc. I did 2 draws and they showed hcg doubled but progesterone was low. I was put on supplements. A couple days later I started spotting and my breasts got less sore - exactly like the first mc. I read that supplements can cause a missed mc and my next appointment wasn't for 3 more weeks. I called OB and told her what was happening and asked if I could do another blood test to see if levels were still rising. She told me not to worry and said no to the blood test. After I pushed a little, she said I could get another test in a week. But I didn't believe everything was ok. I did an hpt and the test line was lighter. I ended up going to a walk-in clinic type place and getting them to give me a quantitative blood test. I really hoped I was being crazy and paranoid and that it could be a thing I could laugh about. Unfortunately, the results showed my levels were lower than even the first of the previous tests. I talked to my OB and shared the results and was told I am miscarrying again. I have had spotting and cramping but no heavy bleeding. I have an appointment tomorrow to figure out if I will need D&C. 

I feel so frustrated that she wouldn't do another blood test sooner. It seems like if they are going to put women on progesterone they should be monitoring this stuff? I know they can't do anything for a 1st trimester loss, but personally, I want to know what's going on where technology allows for it. I have good insurance and would even pay out of pocket for the test if I needed to. Am I being unreasonable? I love this OB but it seems so strange that you would be willing to put someone on progesterone but not willing to do a third beta. Does anyone have some information that could help me understand why a doctor would do this?  From reading through this board and many others, it seems that many doctors don't want to do anything to monitor "low risk" pregnancies (I've heard of women who's OBs won't even see them until 20 weeks). I can understand wanting to save resources and not do unnecessary testing, but I also can't understand why doctors don't want to monitor (esp considering how simple the betas are!) when a woman has concerns. It just seems like a lot of the waiting and torture could be avoided in some cases. 

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  • I definitely see your frustration, and am sorry for your loss.  I'm guessing her plan was to do the one set of betas to confirm it wasn't a chemical pregnancy, and then to wait til the first scan to see if it was really viable.  Before you get pregnant again, I would suggest confirming the plan for testing once you are.  After I'd had 2 losses, my plan was three beta draws, followed by u/s at 6, 8 and 10 weeks.  
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  • @marie2409 I'm pretty sure Ive talked to you before.. again sorry for your losses....not sure if you read my post "angry with old OB" but I know your feelings. Our doctor never told us that my progesterone was low among other things, we didn't find out till switching to our midwife...its very frustrating that while these doctors may know MORE than us, that doesn't mean they know BETTER than us...that makes me very mad to think of someone having to fight to have something done and be told NO, like you don't know your own body or something? especially since you have already had a mc.. its very unfortunate and I'm sorry.
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can understand your frustration... It's very strange that they wouldn't monitor you betas more closely if you've miscarried in the past. My OB kept an eye on me on first pregnancy and my RE has on my last two. This last one my doctor monitored my betas every other day for 3 weeks to make sure things were ok. Not that it helped... my betas were through the roof and it was 3 weeks after we stopped the draws when we were at our 3rd ultrasound that we found out the baby's heart had stopped beating.

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  • Thank you all for your kind replies. I am sorry for your losses. I wish none of us were here. I thought it was especially strange to not be monitored while on progesterone because so many doctors say (1) low progesterone is actually a sign that something more is wrong and (2) progesterone supplements can cause a missed mc. This was even more strange when I called saying "I think something is really wrong." I know they could not have done anything and I know betas could have been rising and there still could have been a problem, but doing another blood test is SO simple so why not just let me have one if I wanted? It does feel a lot like doctor's thinking they must know BETTER about everything. They know a lot, but they are not in our bodies. I'm also getting tired hearing that disappearing pregnancy symptoms and lighter hpt lines "don't mean anything" when in many cases they certainly mean that hcg is dropping. 

    @ssnova I think we have talked before. I am sorry you are here and that you have also been dealing with doctor frustration. Feel welcome to send me a message if you ever want to chat.
  • I'm also getting tired hearing that disappearing pregnancy symptoms and lighter hpt lines "don't mean anything" when in many cases they certainly mean that hcg is dropping. 

    A million times yes.  Also "spotting is normal" and "brown blood is old blood, don't worry."

    I had to fight to get an u/s this time after I noticed spotting.  They were suggesting to "just wait it out til your 12 week scan."  For a person who'd had three prior losses at around this time.

    4 early losses 2009, 2010, 2015.  Baby #1 born 2/13/11.  
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