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feeling faint, nauseous, shaky, and heart races

Hello, this is my 3rd pregnancy and everything seemed to be going okay until around 17 weeks along (I'm now 21 weeks) when I started having episodes of feeling faint and weak which caused me to sit down right away in fear of fainting. It is so frustrating I can't drive anymore and I no longer work because I feel horrible most of the day. I had an episode while shopping a week ago when I started feeling really hot and my heart started racing and I had to sit down cause I felt weak...it really freaked me out and I started shaking uncontrollably. It was so embarrassing! ! I went to my OB 2 days later and explained the way I have been feeling and he said my blood work looked good and checked my thyroid which also came back normal. Since then I have seen a cardiologist who thinks I have svt but i still have to do a couple of tests to confirm. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms during pregnancy and how did everything turn out after the baby was born?

Re: feeling faint, nauseous, shaky, and heart races

  • I'm experiencing the same thing at the moment, this is my first pregnancy I was worried it was only me who felt like this! I've had to take time off work because of how bad it is and have to be reviewed by the doctor I've got to have a cardiology scan of my heart to check everything is okay too
  • Ceerithom, I'm sorry you are feeling the same way it is the worst! But I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way I started to feel so alone because no one around me can relate. I hope your cardiology appt. goes well :)
  • I feel this way, frequently, not just when pregnant. I have extremely low blood pressure naturally. Did they check that for you?
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  • Yes I have noticed my BP has definitely dropped from my normal. I check my BP at home and there are certain times when I'm feeling off I'll check and it drops to like 90/60 which is really low for me. But from what I have read that is somewhat normal in pregnancy however I guess that would explain some of the dizziness and feeling faint. It is a very uneasy feeling.
  • Well, I'd mention your symptoms and blood pressure readings to your doctor when you see them next. There isn't really much that's been offered to me for my low BP over the years, but my doc did tell me to be aware and cautious by not putting myself in situations where I can't sit down/lie down. I've also been advised to not do specific exercises (ones that have you repeatedly bending over and standing up, like some yoga poses) because they've caused me to pass out before. I tend to hold on really tight on handles when going up and down stairs—especially if I wake up suddenly, and avoid any precipices where I may slip and fall. 

    My BP has actually gone up with my pregnancy, and when it's low, it's LOW (usually somewhere around 70-75 over 50-53—and that's with white coat syndrome). Right now it's about where yours is, which is high for me, so I'm feeling better for the most part.
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  • Definitely talk to your doctor. If it's low BP you might be able to up your sodium intake. It could also be low blood sugar. Are you eating small meals every 2-3 hours? I obviously don't know your situation, but what you've described sounds like when I have a hypoglycemic attack.

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  • I will definitely talk with my doctor about everything next appointment. I checked my sugar when I had an episode at my dad's house cause he's diabetic but my sugar was fine. My OB did say that when you're pregnant that your body metabolizes sugar differently so even though my sugar was fine it could have significantly dropped causing me to feel dizzy and weak. So I do try to eat something every couple hours. Idk what's going on it may be a couple things caused from pregnancy making me feel miserable. Thanks for your comment :)
  • Along with what everyone else is saying, I have low blood pressure normally and get dizzy/lightheaded/etc when my blood sugar drops. I have to eat a minimum of every 2 hours to keep it at bay.
  • I've also experienced this the past week or two (12 weeks tomorrow) and plan to talk to my doc about it next week for my next appointment. Hope everything goes well for you! It's definitely a scary feeling.
  • I had gastric bypass several years ago, so when it started happening I knew exactly what it was. It's a combo of low blood pressure and low blood sugar.....make sure when you start feeling that way you sit/lay down if you can, and if someone else is around ask them to get you something like 4oz of juice! I am a real estate appraiser and this happens EVERY TIME I climb a flight of stairs......so embarrassing when you're in someone else's home about to faint and pass out......but I usually can make myself function right through it (bc really what are my options? Lay down in someone's hallway during a professional exchange? I think not.....) since discovering exactly what triggers it for me I actually carry a small bit of candy around in my pocket for two story houses. It's helps.....don't panick, just keep a level head and be safe! And obviously talk to your doctor to have them confirm!
  • Thanks southerngirlgetsfit for leaving your comment, it really helps knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this way. Keep me posted on how things go with you at the doctors.
    RosieXRiveter I was also thinking it's a combination of things contributing to the way I've been feeling. Now I just have to figure out how many things. I've been to the doctor a few times but I keep getting referred somewhere else which makes this whole process take forever!
  • I feel like this all the time too, doctor told me it a low BP and also ive got really low blood sugars, try drinking lucozade sport and the doctor advised this helps bring up both BP and sugars, hope you feel better soon
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