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When should I arrive?

My best friend and mom are throwing me a shower next month. They have informed me of the date, time, and location, but I don't know any of the other details such as what they have planned and who has rsvp'd. My question is, since it's not a surprise for me, when should I arrive? I've only been to two showers before and both were a surprise to the mom-to-be, so guests were all already there when mom was brought in. Should I still be the last to arrive, or greet guests as they show up? I asked my mom and friend what they want, and they both answered with "hmm that's a good question." So I'm asking you ladies!

Re: When should I arrive?

  • my shower starts at 11. I'll probably be there by 10:15-10:30. I know that the hosts for my shower are getting there around 9:00 to start setting up, so I'll arrive a little later and help finish up anything they need. I personally don't mind helping if they want it and that way I can be there, when guests start to arrive.

  • For my baby shower I was there before it started so I could greet everyone as they came.  That is what the norm is in my area.  

  • In my area it's normal for the MTB to already be there when guests arrive. Honestly, if it's not a surprise then I would find it strange to arrive to a shower and not see the MTB greeting guests and enjoying herself straight away. I don't really see any reason not to be there on time or even a bit early. 
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  • As the guest of honor, you are a guest, not a host. Just show up when the thing starts. (And no need to have a special escort or make a grand entrance.)
  • I had to travel for my shower and we arrived when the shower was starting. I agree with PP, you are the guest of honor! No need to show up so early.
  • I agree with the "whatever feels most natural to you" replies.  If you arrive and some guests are already there, you can just make your way around and greet them.  If it makes sense to ride with your mom or sister who is hosting, then you'll be there as guests arrive, which is also fine.
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    Get there close to the start time.  I don't feel you need to be there super early but I do think it's nice to be there as the guests arrive.  They are there to see YOU! 
  • We got to ours maybe 15 minutes before it started. The guests who already had arrived has been there for an hour because my family is crazy. I just made my way around and greeted people :)
  • I had intended to get to mine about 15 minutes before the shower started, but got stuck in hellish traffic and wound up being 45 minutes late...whoops.
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