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Dairy Sensitivity or Fore/Hindmilk Imbalance? Please Help!

Hi, ladies,

FTM EBF a six week old. She used to have healthy mustard colored stools and, somewhere along the way, they started turning green.

She may have silent reflux, but I don't think it's a virus, bacteria or parasite because sometimes they'll go from green to mustard in the same day (I don't think it would fluctuate if it were a virus, etc).

Does anyone have experience with a dairy sensitivity or too much foremilk that may be able to she'd some light on my situation? I'm eliminating dairy starting today to see if that helps.

She spit up twice last night, but normally she doesn't spit up, but is hard to burp sometimes and seems uncomfortable when she needs to have a BM. (Is not constipated, though.)

Thank you in advance, mommies! It's so hard to see our little babies uncomfortable and feel helpless.

Re: Dairy Sensitivity or Fore/Hindmilk Imbalance? Please Help!

  • Her poop will change colors a lot! As long as it's not black, red, or white you don't have to worry about it. My little guy's is sometimes green yellow and brown all at one! As long as it's soft there's nothing to worry about. Also know that she may not go often since she is ebf. My little guy goes once a week. This last time it was 10 days. They use almost everything from the milk so there is not much waste. Some babies still go often though. My guy didn't start spitting up until he was several weeks old either. It's nothing to worry about. Just their little tummies adjusting. She might not always burp either. Babies don't take in much air while breastfeeding. And most babies appear uncomfortable when they try to poop. It's all new to them. You're doing everything right momma. Your little girl is just fine. Unless the doctor told you to cut out dairy just enjoy it.
  • Op... this is my life exactly right now! I was certain we had a dairy sensitivity on our hands, since LO had really bad gas/crying one night after I had milk with dinner. I haven't cut out all dairy (because who can go without cheese) but I haven't had milk in weeks. However, I'm really starting to think that it's just him adjusting like pp said. I cut out milk 2 weeks ago and it hasn't gotten any better or worse. Like I said, I can't be certain because I didn't cut out all dairy, bUT I think it's just a period of them adjusting and learning how to work their bodies.
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  • Thank you both! @Kayciejoe56 I'm sorry you've been dealing with the same thing...but it's nice to know I'm not alone!

    @randa923 My LO goes a lot! When waking up from every nap and when she eats a lot.

    I think her pedi's going to test her stool, but I've also put a call into a pediatric allergist just in case.
  • I wouldn't jump to dairy allergy unless there is blood in the stools. I had terrible oversupply with DS, once that was under control, his poops still turned green every now and then and the doc wasn't concerned. It was usually the poop after his first morning feed where there would be a bit more foremilk than normal.
  • @PlainJane8350 my little guy went after every single feeding until about two months then started spacing them out more.
  • @missemmawoodhouse Would I see the blood or is it worth trying to get a stool sample kit from her pedi?
  • @missemmawoodhouse Would I see the blood or is it worth trying to get a stool sample kit from her pedi?

    Sometimes there can be trace amounts you wouldn't be able to see. A stool sample can't hurt anything.
  • We had some green stools and I was freaking out it was a dairy allergy, thinking I'd have to give up all the dairy I love but the ped said true dairy allergies are somewhat rare and she advised me not to change my diet. I figured out it was actually a foremilk/hind milk imbalance after looking at a bunch of stuff online. What helped was pumping for 3-5 minutes before a feeding if it had been more than 3 hours since the last feeding. And make sure to start on the same side you ended on. He got more hind milk that way and the green poops went back to mustard.
  • My LO has Cows milk protein induced colitis. If you suspect it take a stool sample to your pediatrician right away. That said, the blood was clearly visible for us. 
    Here is what I posted to my bbb

    I wanted to share with you all what has been going on with my daughter. She is 11 days old today. On day 3 when we went home from the hospital I was told that it was normal for her to still have greenish poops. At her visit with the pediatrician on day 4 I was told that it sounded like transitional diarrhea and that it should resolve sometime in the next week. At 10 days old I called the doctor very upset that her poop was still very green and slimy. I was again told to wait, and that green can be a normal variation. I was instructed to call Friday and report on any changes. 

    My daughter is EBF and has been gaining well. She is however not the best sleeper. She wants to eat or comfort suckle all the time and only sleeps when being held. I can't put her down to sleep at all or she wakes up screaming to be held. She only wants me to hold her most of the time. Its been breaking my heart, and I was just sure that something was wrong. 

    I had done a lot of looking online and I was convinced that I must be having a fore milk/ hind milk imbalance that was causing her to have these weird green poops. I could not understand how this was the case because when she cluster feeds for 3+ hours at night it seems that I run out of milk. So, I didn't understand how she couldn't be getting the hind milk. I was advised to block feed, but I was afraid to do it knowing that I could decrease my supply. If it wasn't a supply issue I didn't want to do anything to damage our so far awesome breast feeding relationship. The poops though green didn't have the "frothy" appearance that I was told they should have with an imbalance 

    Well, last night Catherine had three poopy diapers that had specks of blood in them. She cries before she is going to poop so you know it is coming. She pooped with her diaper off yesterday and it shot out of her with so much force that it went more than a foot! Anyway, the only thing that was different about yesterday was that I went on a cheese bender having two sticks of sting cheese an Amy's mac n cheese and a small bit of cows milk in two bites of my SO's cereal. I normally don't eat a ton of dairy as I have never tolerated casein well. So, I started looking online and sure enough it looked like my LO might not be able to handle cow milk protein. I called the doctors office as soon as they opened and made an appointment for 10am. While there she had one of her poops. The doctor said that it was a textbook case of cow milk protein induced colitis. Her dry skin and nasal congestion are also believed to be related to the protein allergy. My poor baby has been in pain as I have been told to wait and see. It makes me so angry. 

    I have been told to be very careful about avoiding all traces of any dairy in all of my foods for the next two weeks. If she isn't showing signs of improvement at that point I will have to eliminate soy as well. Between 15-30% of all infants with cow milk protein induced colitis will also be reactive to soy. I am a vegetarian, and this is going to be very hard for us, but I am so excited to have an answer. It may take weeks for her bowels to heal, but at least it will heal. In my reading I have found that this is often not diagnosed this quickly in infants that are EBF and that many infants suffer for months prior to diagnosis, so I wanted to take a moment to share our story. I'm sorry this was so long. Also, my doctor said that her poop was textbook for this condition, so if anyone suspects it and would like me to PM a photo (gross I know) I would be happy to. This is not very common in breast fed infants affecting about .5% of all EBF infants. It is much more common in FF infants. 

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