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Weaning off breastfeeding


My little girl is 10 1/2 months old and obsessed with breastfeeding. She is still currently breastfeeding 3 times during the day and at least once at night. She also has 3 solid feeds a day and 2 snacks. But she still wants to BF. I am hoping to have her weaned by 12 months but I just have no idea where to even begin. She doesn't take the pacifier or bottle. I am desperate for any advice on how you ladies did it.  

Thanks.  :)

Re: Weaning off breastfeeding

  • I would say it's time for her to use a big girl sippy cup and boobies are for babies. And do the don't offer /don't refuse thing.
  • Have you tried a straw cup? It helps if you also use a straw cup so she can mimic you.

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  • She may surprise you. With my first, I thought he was never going to wean, but sure enough, by 13 months he was down to 1 comfort nursing session first thing in the morning and we just had DH get up for the day with him. Much easier than we expected!

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  • What I did was whenever it was time to nurse before her nap I would substitute with a snack. I believe I used a sippy cup as well with a soft tip and only left mommy's milk before bed. It also helped with my supply. The first couple of days were torture but I had to do it. And then finally I stopped the nightly feeding. It was four years ago, I've been trying to back track for myself this time around. But I do believe that's all I did. And I do remember dd not liking the hard tips on sippy cups, I think the straws will help as well. Hope this helps :-/ Good luck & have patience! It's all a process ;)
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