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am I having a miscarriage?

hey everyone. my husband and I have been ttc for over a year now. ealier this month I got my period and it was much lighter then it usually is. after I ended that, for a week I had brown discharge. this morning when I woke up I had dark red bleeding. none of brown ans red have been heavy enough for a tampon and pad.. just when I wipe it's there. I've been having nausea.

so today my obgyn sent me to the hospital for a blood pregnancy test. well it came back positive. now I'm worried that I am having a miscarriage.... has anyone ever went thru anything like this and not had a miscarriage? ?? is anything normal. I won't know anything more ubtil tomorrow from my Dr.


  • I'm really not sure and I'm sorry for the stress this is probably causing... I do think it's strange that your Dr would tell you that you're pregnant but wouldn't explain all the of luck to you, hope everything goes well
  • Bleeding in pg indicates a risk of loss, but not necessarily loss, it can continue to live birth (SCHs can cause heavy bleeding and usually resolve in the 1st tri). If I were you I would want to calculate how far along I should be and get the hCG number, if above 1000 to 1500 then an u/s for sure. I am having a loss right now but in "beta hell": number down (non-viable), number up (abnormal), bleeding. I have had many losses so am quite the "expert" but even so it's different each time. This time my hCG is under 1000, so maybe nothing to see yet. My next appt is Friday.

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