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bedtime for 9 week old?

My 9 week old daughter often ends naps around 4/4:30pm. What do others mom do at that point given they say start putting babies down 1-1.5 hours after they wake to avoid being over tired.? We've tried early 5:00pm bedtime and pushing out bed until 6/7pm. Both scenarios have led to 2+ hours of trying to get her down.

Re: bedtime for 9 week old?

  • I do baby led cues. My lo has most of her awake time in the evenings. Her last bottle is typically at 11, sometimes she sleeps until 5am sometimes she wakes up at 3. I consider everything a nap at this point. The only difference in our routine is we dim the lights at night and we try not to stimulate her when she wakes in the middle of the night.
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  • We tend to let her have a short catnap in between with a 4pm wake up and none with a 4:30 wake up and aim for a 7pm put down (bedtime routine starting at 6:30). My youngest daughter (now 11 weeks) is really good about putting herself to sleep though and is generally pretty content even when really tired. Doing it that way means little to no fussing. Any earlier or later and we end up with some crying. My oldest daughter was 2+ hours of screaming every night till she was around 7 months old when we used the sleep lady shuffle to train her to go to sleep (she was still up nursing 3-4 times a night till 14-15 months old however). We never found out what worked with her though we tried just about everything except letting her cry it out (aside from the sleep lady shuffle at 7 months which is a milder version of cry it out).
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  • Like @mrsb30, L goes down on his own mostly. We don't try to get him to really go down for the night until about 9. Most nights we can go from 8:30-3/4 am, so we don't really push for any earlier.

    Our routine is basically: bath or 'swim' time 6:30. Bottle 7, diaper and stories until 8:30. Then we turn on our tv shows and just wind down for the day. L is in bed with us, and passes out before 9:15 most days.

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  • LO's sleep is all over the place and we have no routine yet despite me trying and he is that baby that often screams for an hour or two at night. However, I have found that if I can get him in the bath at about 6:30 and then swaddled and rocked in his little rocker by 6:50-7 we have less screaming time. He usually wakes up a couple times to nurse between that and 11 but then usually will pass out for about four hours. Then he is up nursing every hour to two hours after that.


  • My goal is keep him awake until 7. He usually (I'll say that loosely....) wakes between 4-4:30 from his afternoon "nap" (really terrible 30ish minute waste of time thing...). If I put him down at the 2 hour mark, say 6-6:30, he gets up too early and it messes everything up for the next day.
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