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thats so annoying

What's the most irritating "advice" people gave you before you had your LO?
My sister said to me. " you know babies require a lot of patience. I have no idea how your going to handle that."
Duh they "require patience"! Just because my sister irritates me does not mean I will be impatient with my DD! Lol

Re: thats so annoying

  • Not really advice, but something that annoyed the crap out of me. I was at a party last weekend and when talking about kids I said I can't wait for my 2.5 month old to start doing stuff. One of the girls (whom I've never really like anyway) said "oh honey you have a while for that." Oh really? I had no idea! I thought at 3 months he'd be running down the street. I know it's super dumb but I felt like she was saying oh you're a new mom and not experienced like me (her kid is only a year) so you must be clueless. Maybe if I hadn't already disliked her and her husband I wouldn't have been annoyed!
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  • I've said the exact same thing too and I've had multiple friends that are moms themselves just be super condescending and saying the same thing. As if I'm an idiot and don't know that them crawling and walking will happen later on. Not tomorrow. It's so annoying!
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  • Other than being told to prepare for sleepless nights I didn't have much before she came along but I've had some random stranger in a shop come up to me while I was holding a sleeping dd, pat her on the head and tell me I need to support her head. Then she actually grabbed my hand and tried to move it. This was while her toddler was in her pram screaming her head off and her older son was pulling all of the carrier bags off the checkout wall.
  • ^^ What the hell is wrong with people? 

    Prior to giving birth, everyone did the whole "you'll never sleep again bit." Which isn't true for us. LO has been STTN for some time now, thankfully. The most annoying thing I experienced before giving birth wasn't any one piece of advice, but rather my MIL giving me incessant advice as though I was stupid. Surprise surprise. One in particular was trying to tell me I should have a changing table instead of a changing pad on top of the dresser. She came at me multiple times about this, telling me my choice was dangerous to the baby and that I'd only be able to use the changing pad for a couple of months before LO starts rolling. As though I'd ever walk away from my baby when she's ON TOP OF A DRESSER. 
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