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24 hr stomach bug.....

So I had a horrendous stomach bug that hit me late Friday night. My husband had literally just gotten home from Italy and had been up about 24 hrs due to schedules and time zone changes so he could barely help me take care of a baby through this (which I was highly upset with him over). I have been worried about LO getting this since he is only 11 weeks. Now 48 hours later my hubs is sick with this bug. I'm concerned about taking LO to daycare now. I hope and pray he doesn't get this but I'm concerned about him exposing the other babies too. I can't really afford to miss work either due to deadlines but not taking LO to daycare means we both miss work as I will not let the hubs go near LO now. Any thoughts?

Re: 24 hr stomach bug.....

  • Oh that's so scary! I would be afraid of the same thing! I hope your LO does not get that. Do you breastfeed? I do know that your breast milk does have antibodies that protect your LO from getting sick and getting well if they do get sick. Also if work can't be helped I would just let your DH watch your LO so you can go. Just tell him to be careful not kiss the baby etc?
    I hope this bug passes with no harm done to your LO.
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