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Kind of a gross question! :(

I am 36 weeks and 5 days, this is my first baby. Yesterday was my Dr. appointment, and she checked me. I was 1/2 a centimeter dilated. After I left the office about an hour later I notice while using the bathroom there was a little blood on the toilet paper. Then throughout the rest of the day and into this morning I notice there's not much at all when I wipe now, but if I stick toilet paper inside, there is brown stuff (looks like I'm at the end of my period) Is this normal????? Plus I've noticed I've had a ton of contractions since the office visit, they are very irregular though. Sorry for such a gross question, just don't know what to expect!!

Re: Kind of a gross question! :(

  • Mild spotting and cramping is normal after a vaginal exam.  If it is bright red blood, or enough to soak a pad then it would be something to be concerned about.  If you are nervous about it at all - call your doctor!  They are used to these questions and it's worth it to put your mind at ease.
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  • I'm pretty sure it's normal after a cervical check.  :)

    As long as it's just a little spotting, I wouldn't worry.  If it continues beyond that and beyond a day or so I would call the doctors office.  (you might want to anyway just for peace of mind)


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  • I would call your dr. It sounds normal like the start of your mucus plug or something from when the dr checked you. I would call them and let them know.  I'm sure everything's fine but they might have you come in to double check.
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  • Thank you very much for the reply's! I'm going to wait and see if it stops throughout the day. If not I'll call my Doctor!
  • Hey! I had wondered how you were doing.  I think that stuff is normal and I remember something like that at the end of my pregnancy.  But or course if you have any questions, call your doctor --it will help ease your mind.
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