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Anyone miss it?

I had my baby girl on October 13 and while I love her to pieces and I'm so glad she's here a part of me misses her being inside my womb :( sometimes I just cry because my belly is so small again and I don't feel those sweet little kicks anymore. Anyone else feeling like this or just have a case of the baby blues?

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  • So, I can't speak from experience because I'm a FTM and still pregnant, but I know this is common. My SO has been worried this is going to happen to me. I guess he was reading about struggles PP because he wanted to be ready to help me, and came across information about this. I wouldn't be concerned unless you are still struggling in a few weeks.
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  • I felt the same way when I had my son a month ago, I cried endlessly because he wasn't inside of me anymore, but I also had him almost 4 weeks early and felt cheated out of the last month of my pregnancy. It gets better, I promise you! If the feelings don't go away in another week or so, I'd let your doctor know.
  • I feel the same and actually texted my best friend the same thing this morning. She has a new LO too and we both have 2 kids and have basically decided no more kids so yeah.... Just knowing I won't be pregnant and feel the baby inside is upsetting. I had my daughter on 10/13 too!
  • I don't miss this baby being on the inside (although I totally understand the logic and how some people would), but I am totally mourning the fact that I will never be pregnant again. I would love to have at least 1 more but H is done :(

    Agree with PP this is normal but if you still feel this way in a few weeks mignt be worth a conversation with your doctor.
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  • I feel that way too. I had my DD on 10/14, she was about a month early. I also got my tubes tied because there was no way my body physically could have survived another pregnacy (making it through this one successfully was pretty amazing). I am sad I will never get the chance to be pregnant again. :(
  • I just had my little guy 10/19 and I do miss feeling him kicking. I catch myself rubbing my belly all the time then there is nothing there but gooshiness. I am happy to have him in my arms though!
  • Omg I am ecstatic to not be pregnant anymore but the last month and especially couple weeks were really bad and painful. Way morse than labor and delivery for me! I wish I felt this way though, to make getting pregnant again easier to swallow....
  • I didn't have an easy pregnancy and definitely don't miss it and all of the struggles and changes my body dealt with, but I do wish that I could've somehow recorded the feeling of her moving and kicking inside of me so I can relive those moments. For me, it's more of a she's already growing so fast/time flies feeling more than missing being pregnant.
  • I felt the same way when I had my son a month ago, I cried endlessly because he wasn't inside of me anymore, but I also had him almost 4 weeks early and felt cheated out of the last month of my pregnancy. It gets better, I promise you! If the feelings don't go away in another week or so, I'd let your doctor know.

    Similar story here! I had my baby at 35.5 weeks and cried about it for weeks. She was perfectly healthy in every way and I had an awesome labor and delivery but I also felt cheated out of my last month. But then I got over it because my husband said "I am so glad I get a whole extra month of her in my life!" And all my pregnant friends due around the same time were miserable with all the rapid weight gain and water retention. I also got to avoid that anticipation and anxiousness around my due date because she came when I wasn't expecting her at all!

    I was an emotional wreck (like sobbing at the drop of a hat for almost two weeks) but one day it just stopped and I felt normal again. I even posted a thread about it but only one person responded but I think it's because I had her in September and everyone was like "nope, still pregnant" lol!
  • I do and don't lol. I miss her being so close to me and and being the only one who knew what she was up to. Now, it's a circus of people wanting to hold her, and only get her to go feed. But penance was uncomfortable too. Don't miss that part.
  • I don't miss pregnancy itself because it was freaking hard! But I do miss the baby kicks and also not having the responsibility of a newborn! What's the worst for me is knowing that this may be the only baby I have (DH only wanted one, and it took us three years to conceive her so no telling how long it would take us to conceive another if we decided to).
  • I don't miss a single thing about pregnancy except the baby kicks. But knowing that I'll never have another baby (got my tubes tied right after delivery) makes me a little sad.

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  • I never liked being pregnant. Having a newborn is the hardest thing in the world but I still am happy to not be pregnant anymore
  • I haven't had baby yet but after a night of wild crazy and interesting dreams I think I will miss the pregnancy dreams! I love dreaming normally and am a creative person who generally remembers my dreams but the ones in these last nine months have been pretty incredible.

    Baby kicking is amazing and I will miss that too, I think!

    I've had a rough pregnancy and my induction Sunday night can't come soon enough!
  • No! Lol as I'm still pregant only due the 30th can't wait to meet my wiggly worm :)
  • I was so antsy to have my little girl. Now she's here and I actually understand what people were talking about when they say they miss being pregnant. Although I was nauseous for the first 21 weeks and miserable the last 6 weeks I do miss it. It really wasn't that bad. And because my labor wasn't that bad either I didn't mind it. It's almost hard to want to get pregnant again though just because it can't possibly go better. It's all strange to think about.
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    I miss it every single day. I love pregnancy. It's uncomfortable and tiring, but I love it. This was going to be my last baby (this is #5) and now I'm questioning that decision. I love having her here, but I miss having her inside me too. And I never took a belly picture - ever. And now I feel like I want to be able to do that.
  • I thought I was the only momma feeling depressed about my baby belly being gone :/ I love my little newborn to pieces but ughh I miss it sooo much, the whole experience is beautiful, I had my baby September 28th, I was induced because she was predicted to be a big baby but she came out smaller, I wish I hadnt been so impatient
  • I miss it every single day. I love pregnancy. It's uncomfortable and tiring, but I love it. This was going to be my last baby (this is #5) and now I'm questioning that decision. I love having her here, but I miss having her inside me too. And I never took a belly picture - ever. And now I feel like I want to be able to do that.

    I'm having the same issue. This was my first but I hardly have any belly pics from being pregnant. I miss being pregnant but my pregnancy despite its frustrations went really well. And labor went really well too. I worry the next pregnancy wouldn't come out ad well. But we're going to wait a few years before trying for another one. And if/when that happens I'm going to make sure I take more pictures. ;(
  • I love our little one so much, but I miss having her in my womb!
  • I'm so jealous! Due tomorrow with my 3rd, and I have never missed being pregnant...I'm the worst. I hate it! I just want to lay on my stomach and be able to breath. And bend over. And feel human again! Haha.
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    I went into labor and had DS October 13th ( 36 weeks 6 days) but wasn't due until November 4th. I love having him in my arms but I definitely feel "robbed" of the last moments of being pregnant with him. And then I get sad because it means I started my maternity leave earlier and have to go back earlier than I expected. I went into labor and had him so quickly (4 hour labor :-O ) I never got any final belly pictures or got to "say goodbye" to pregnancy.
  • I went into labor 2 weeks early so I get the feeling robbed part. My EDD was actually tomorrow, but I'm happy to say that in the past few days those feelings have worn off...probably from lack of sleep! Lol!
  • My baby was born over two months early and I missed being pregnant so much. I feel sad wherever I read posts about people wishing their pregnancy was over because I didn't even get to go thru all of mine. Now that we passed his due date I feel a little better, but I still miss it and am sad I didn't experience the later weeks of pregnancy.
  • I felt that way with my first and I know I'll feel the same with this one. I already cry knowing she won't be in there anymore. We decided to have our first 2 super close together, so it makes me sad knowing we won't have another for awhile. However I look forward to meeting this one and watching my oldest with her! They'll be 14 months apart and I hope they will become best friends!

  • I do NOT miss being pregnant!! It was hell from day one all three pregnancies. I am so happy to have my baby in my arms and get to wake up every day (and all night lol) to her little face.
  • I don't. It's definitely surreal but by the end of it I was over being so heavy and swollen. I like how I can do more and not be in excruciating pain after standing for more than 5 minutes. Also I like how my feet look normal finally.
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  • NO! I don't miss it. I had a rough pregnancy. I had hyperemesis until the end. I had horrible constipation (far worse than the dreaded first poop) for my entire pregnancy due to being on zofran. I have a congenital bladder defect (it had been corrected as a child with surgery) but nonetheless I peed my pants the whole pregnancy at the drop of a hat- sneezing, barfing, coughing, laughing. I also peed about every 15 minutes from my first trimester on. I was in a lot of pain with achy joints, had restless leg syndrome and insomnia. I think I sleep MORE with a newborn!

    We have decided we are one and done. I'm 38 and this was my first pregnancy. It ended in an emergency c-section and even with the c-section recovery I feel better now.

    We are so happy with our perfect baby boy. I can't imagine going through this again at 40 with a toddler. I know they say every pregnancy is different but I don't want to risk it.
  • I miss being pregnant. I had a bit of a rough first trimester, but for the most part it was great. I really didn't have anything to complain about. I do look forward to the next kidlets.
  • The last couple months were rough but I do sometimes miss my belly and baby kicks especially since this is my last baby
  • I suppose I miss the baby kicks but seeing the cute things she does makes up for it. I'm enjoying having my body (somewhat) back - I had so much stress at first I made myself sick and could barely eat. It was awful but did have the silver lining of helping me she'd my pregnancy weight faster! I am eager to sleep on my stomach again but have to wait because I had a c section.
    What I do miss about being pregnant is the ability to be selfish. I miss taking lots of naps whenever I wanted to and indulging in things just for me ("I deserve this because I'm pregnant"). Now everything is dictated by the baby and I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. Doing what I want, when I want to sounds nice! I also miss being taken care of. When you are pregnant, people cater to you. Then baby is born and you are in charge of their every need. Ive had a really rough recovery and sometimes I wish I could just be taken care of!
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    I can't say I miss pregnancy. Very happy I experience it though because it's one and done for me! DH has a 5 yo DD, 2 is perfect for our little family.

    It is very nice to hand LO to DH and paint my toe nails, clean the house, take a break! Pregnancy was all on me and my mobility was shot so I'm very happy she is out and healthy and I have my body back!
  • Had my first PP check up today and while I had my little guy with me, I missed being hooked up to the monitor hearing his heart and feeling his kicks. I missed the excitement of anticipation too. But still don't miss the pains of pregnancy!
  • Not even a little.
  • Nope. I'm 4 days post partum and happier than I have been in the last 10 months. I didn't have a rough pregnancy by any means but it was just long and tiring. I kept reminding myself that it would all be over soon and would result in a baby. But now I can bend over. My wedding rings are back on. I slept on my stomach last night. My regular sized shirts are fitting again. I don't have to use the rest room as frequently. I had a long labor and have a third degree tear and even those things are preferable to pregnancy. Plus now I have the sweetest little guy to take care of who is making my job of being a mom pretty easy so far!!
  • 100% no. Not even a little!
  • I definitely feel this way! My daughter is now 3 weeks old, but for the first two weeks this is what triggered tears the most. I'd even pass my gym and think 'last time I was there I was pregnant' and burst into tears. I had a good pregnancy but am much happier to now have my daughter and not be pregnant. However- it's amazing how much I mourn the loss of that time in my life. Maybe because one day you're pregnant and one day you're not..just takes time to adjust to that. I'm feeling less emotional about it now as time goes on. Too busy with the little one! :)
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