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I seem to have developed mild anxiety again, I had it a few years back when i gave up smoking but it went once i started again. I still am smoking (outside) and am 12 weeks PP. I get a nervous tummy and loose my appetite yet am starving hungry. I drink peppermint tea which helps and do breathing techniques. I wondered if any other ladies suffer and how you cope? I would like to try the natural road before i go to the doctors. TIA xxxx

Re: Anxiety

  • I have a saying I repeat over and over again. Something like I am OK, this will pass, I am a great mother. I also make sure to take some time just for myself everyday, even if it's just a few minutes.

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  • Get some time to yourself! That is key! A nice long shower, a cup of tea by yourself, just make sure you're not hearing a crying baby or it defeats the purpose. I have pretty bad anxiety and I get a multitude of the strangest symptoms! Trouble is, I don't notice the anxiety until it's too late and I get all these physical symptoms and go half crazy... Alone time is about the best thing I can do to help with anxiety.
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  • I just started seeing a therapist about my anxiety. I'm not one who likes to talk a lot and it usually takes me awhile to feel comfortable enough to open up to someone but I know it's in my best interest and will help me be a better mom so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and trying it
  • I also suffer with anxiety and I'm not one to be able to talk about it. I tend to focus on it to the point I will throw up or go a few days without eating. I used to be on some meds for it and they really helped but I'm breast feeding and don't want to take them right now.

    The number one thing that helps me is to write it down or type it out. I have a notebook on my phone and I write down all that I am feeling and it helps more than anything. I also have to constantly tell myself that my husband and kids will love me no matter what. It helps when my husband tells me this as well. He can always tell when I get anxious and he will make a point to hug me and tell me he will always love me.

    Sorry you are going through this but you are not alone!




  • Oh you are not alone darling! I had a moment where it full on hit me just the responsibility of taking care of a newborn and having a baby. The past few weeks have been so crazy that it took a while for me to realize I have a baby. She is mine forever. And then I had a little anxiety attack.
  • I have had a lot of anxiety lately AND spurts of OCD. I think it's me try to have control of something in my life since having a LO, really they are in control. It was suggested to go and see someone, but I might wait until I go back to work. I don't want one more thing to do on the short amount of time I have left at home.
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