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hard spot on breast

I didn't notice that I had a red spot on one of my breasts until my best friend who was visiting pointed it out. Then I felt it was warm and very hard about the size of a larger marble. I've been trying to massage and heat and cool it but after he nurses it doesn't change .I was going to call my Dr to see if I could come in later. It's freaking me out.

Re: hard spot on breast

  • It could be a plugged duct... Mine took several days of massage, heat, and feeding from different positions to go away. Do call your doctor though just in case! Mine were very painful and there was no way i could miss it.
  • How do you tell if it's a plugged duct versus an infection?
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  • That could also be a sign start of mastitis following the red heated spot you can develop a fever chills etc feel like a really bad flu usually the spot will be very painful I had it once it was pretty harsh Dr put me in antibiotic and it cleared up in two days definitely call Dr just in case.
  • Mastitis is an infection.
  • I have heard of mastitis. No fever or anything, but the spot is very painful. I'm going to keep massaging it as well as heating and cooling. If it doesn't soften then I will definitely call my doctor.
  • When I had a clogged duct I would nurse on that side and then pump after to make sure I was empty. While pumping I would massage and apply heat. It worked itself out after two days. Hope you feel better!

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  • Make sure you keep feeding on that breast if it is mastitis!
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