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  • I am still going to the gym. I was working out 3 days a week doing Kickboxing/Crossfit. I let my trainer know that I was pregnant and I spoke to another woman who actually worked out up until she gave birth. There are also 5 other women at my gym who are pregnant as well. My trainer is going to work with me to modify my moves as I progress during the pregnancy. I just have to also make sure that I am keeping a conversational pace to keep my breathing in check.
  • I know my doctor is being conservative, but I am annoyed that he is limiting me so much. In my appointment yesterday I asked if I could go back to kickboxing and cited the lady in my class who kept going right up until she popped.

    My doctor says "did she do ivf? Is this her first pregnancy? Did she have twins?"

    Oh well. Went trail running last night instead.
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