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Sullivan Michael - opinions please!

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So we found out a few weeks ago we are having a boy and are over the moon excited. I really like the name Sullivan Michael. Thoughts?

Re: Sullivan Michael - opinions please!

  • LOOOVE Sullivan with the nn Sully.
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  • Exactly! Thanks for your input! :)
  • I've never heard of Sullivan as a first name. The only people nicknamed Sully that I know are those with Sullivan as their last name.

    It's not my style, but it's not horrible :-??
  • It's also not my style because it's a little too surnamey for me. I wouldn't side eye it though.

  • It's not horrible, but it makes me think of either a surname or a pet name.
  • I'm pretty neutral on it.
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  • Not bad as far as surnames as firsts go. Idk where you're located but there are a lot of "Sullivan" connections in Iowa because there were 5 brothers from here who were all killed together during WW2 when their naval ship went down - which is why you can't be drafted if you've lost a sibling in battle. It may never come up if you don't live nearby, but it's something to consider.
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  • I like it! I've always been a fan of last names for first names.
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  • Our puppy is named Sullivan and we call him Sully. So, I like the name, but now just think of an adorable fuzz ball! ;-)  I will say that I did consider if I'd ever use it for a son before I gave the name to the dog. It's a family (last) name. The answer was "no" because I think it sounds like a cute boys name, but not a man's name. That's just my opinion and I do like the name! I also like the nickname "Van" from it.
  • It's okay
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  • I did think of a last name but I like it. Plus my son has a common surname first name.
  • ecwkecwk
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    I really don't like it. To me, it is a surname not a first name. Totally nms.
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  • Nms but not crazy. Go for it! I personally don't like sully but that's probably your only nn choice.
  • Did anyone else think of sully & mike from monsters inc... Or maybe my mind just wanders too much. Anyway I'm not really a fan of Sullivan as a FN
    That was exactly what I was thinking (maybe wandering minds think alike :P )

    I'm not a fan of it as a first name 
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  • I really like Sullivan. Not a fan of Sully. The definition of the word of sully is pretty dang negative and not something I'd want to stick on my child. If someone called "Hey Sully, come here!" at the playground I'd be hearing "Hey Pollute/Defile/Spoil, come here!" It's not a word that people use in every day conversation, so you could probably get away with it, but I'd come up with some other nicknames. :)
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  • Did anyone else think of sully & mike from monsters inc...

    Or maybe my mind just wanders too much. Anyway I'm not really a fan of Sullivan as a FN

    Same here!!
  • It's nms. Michael Sullivan? Sure. :)

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  • Other suggestions welcome :)
  • I personally like it. It was my maiden name and I gave it to DS1 as his mn. If you both like the name, go for it! I have seen other kids with that name too (around age 7).
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  • Love it!!

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  • Love!!! Pretty original and even if its normally a last amenity has a great traditional quality to it:) and Sully is adorable!
  • I love Sullivan - one of the few surname-as-a-first-names that I like!
  • Did anyone else think of sully & mike from monsters inc... Or maybe my mind just wanders too much. Anyway I'm not really a fan of Sullivan as a FN
    My first thought exactly.

    Sullivan isn't awful, but it's not really a first name to me.

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  • I like it!

  • I love it. Don't care for Michael, mostly because it just seems like a male filler name to me. 
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  • I find Sullivan too surnamey personally. Also yes Mike and Sully screams monsters inc since its the main characters.

  • I think it's cute. Sullivan is very surnamey, but isn't bad and doesn't feel as pretentious as some other surnames being used as fns.
  • Thanks for all of your input ladies! We are going for it! I'm not too crazy about Michael as a middle name, but that was my husband's pick. :)
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