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Nap Regression?

For the last couple of weeks, my 10 week old LO has barely napped during the day, and it's making him obviously very cranky and overly tired. It's also making me a little tired as well. The thing is though he's a pretty good night sleeper; he'll go down around 8:30-9, sleep until 2:30-3 to feed and wake up around 5:30-6. 

Since about week 7 or 8, he'll take 15-30 minute cat naps all day. If I'm lucky, he'll sleep for an hour at most. Before this, he would take at least two 2-2.5 hour naps during the day.

Is anyone else's LO not wanting to nap? is this just a developmental thing he'll outgrow?

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Re: Nap Regression?

  • Same here he won't nap all day. He'll go to bed around 11-12 up at 3-4 then 7-8 and then up all day cranky may drift off in my arms but if I move a inch he will wake. I'm dying for a day time nap!!
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  • Where is he napping now? Cat napping is a phase that most children grow out of but it can last awhile my first was a cat napper until he was about 7 months though that is unusual, they commonly grow out of it before then.  

    It stems from having trouble transitioning from light sleep into deep sleep.  Everyone goes through sleep cycles throughout the night, even adults frequently wake and then settle back into sleep the difference is that we are able to easily soothe ourselves.  A lot of infants don't have this ability resulting in waking at the end of one cycle before they are able to transition into deeper, more restful sleep.  It doesn't necessarily affect night sleep either.  DS only had issues with his first transition of the night and then slept normally from that point on meaning he would typically wake anywhere from 30-40 minutes after bedtime and need to be soothed back to sleep.  
    Learning how to make it through this transition is a developmental skill that occurs as baby develops and matures so there isn't a ton that can be done to change it unfortunately.  I tried nearly everything but was unsuccessful until DS just grew out of it.  The one thing that can make a difference is motion. 

    Napping while being worn or in a swing can help baby transition into deep sleep by preventing him from becoming too alert as he finishes his first cycle and starts to begin his second.  Using the swing was the only way I could get a decent nap out of DS unless I was walking around the house wearing him.  Both of these things would help me get naps over an hour, sometimes even 2 hours. 

    This is a pretty good overview on the background and possible solutions for short naps. 

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  • I could have written the OP's post myself!! I have twins and 8wks til about 11/12 was terrible. The last two wks it seems like they are coming out of it. I found one did pretty good napping in the swing, and one I just had to rock til he was good and out. Honestly though I mainly felt like I was losing my mind for several weeks and then they got more cooperative. I also cut myself some slack on their daytime schedule and started putting them to bed earlier (from 9pm to 7pm) and it made a big difference.
  • Yep, but seems to be like that for a couple of days or a week and then he will have a couple of days of big naps (like half a day). He also has a similar night sleep schedule to yours OP, so I'm just riding it out. As long as I can sleep a bit at night, I can deal with anything...
  • My baby never sleeps during the day unless I'm holding him.. But as soon as I put him down he's awake within minutes. However. I've noticed when I wear him he'll fall asleep to the point I can move him without waking up. Or if we go and do errands the driving always puts him into a deep sleep..4-6 hours I usually come home and cook/clean until I end up waking him up!
  • Yes!!! She is sleeping maybe an hour and half all together for the day. But is doing good during the night so I'm trying to not complain too much!
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