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hi ladies! I just wanted to let you Colorado mamas know that I had the most amazing staff at Swedish Medical in Englewood (Denver) for my delivery one week ago!
I went through my entire pregnancy at Mountain vista next door to the hospital. I elected to work with the midwives rather than the doctors, but they have both within the one building. My midwife was Mary Wilterdink and she was an angel! There is nothing I can say to do her justice but she was the most caring, kind, informative midwife. She allowed me to take charge of my pregnancy but she had the best advice, was extremely supportive and I found that she became my friend by the end. I also worked with Shonna at a more limited basis because Mary was aware of all my "stuff" but Shonna was on call the night I went into labor!
My labor lasted around 12 hours at hospital, I had 4 and a half hours of pushing and it became very clear my baby would not fit past my pelvic bone. I had to have an unplanned c-section and a doctor who I never met was on call from my office. I had a failing uterus and loss of blood double that of normal and then stayed in post partum for 4 nights.
From the nurse in l&d, who was quiet and supportive and so encouraging until the end to my midwife who allowed me to push until I couldn't safely anymore, the doctor (dr. Peters) who performed my c section, all the nurses in my delivery room then the anazing post partum nurses (I had six total as they change night and day) everyone was beyond anazing! I literally cried when I had to leave. They made me feel confident in my care, helped ease my pain, taught me infant care skills, helped with lactation (Mary Beth lactation was so wonderful)! The room was kept clean, it was so comfy and the food was actually good! My husband was comfy to stay all 4 nights (really five if you count the first in labor), my baby was taken care of health wise but never had to leave my room without me.
It was such a wonderful experience even given the scary and saddening circumstances of ending labor with a csection.
If anyone has questions I would be happy to answer! But just wanted someone to know how wonderful and kind the nurses and staff at Swedish are!
Absolutely the very best care in Denver and beyond. I was present at both my sisters Labors (Colorado Springs and California) it was no where in comparison to Swedish or Mountain vista care!


Re: Swedish Medical & Mountain Vista midwifery

  • Thank you for posting this! I had a horrible experience with Westside Women's Care and my first appointment at Mountain Vista is Tuesday and I was very apprehensive. Definitely helps ease some of my concerns :-)
  • I have been a patient at Mountain Vista with my last two and am due again in November. The staff there are wonderful and Dr. Moss is really great. The nurses at Swedish are amazing. We had such wonderful experiences there both times. When I was in for my second delivery, the nurses from the first one came in several times to day hi and check on me. They are patient and kind and more than accommodating.
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  • So great to hear! I am a new doula in the area and always enjoy hearing about positive experiences in the area! 
    Bethany Melton 
  • I had a little trouble with the Mountain Vista in Highlands Ranch after going in for blood work after some bleeding. I was given the worst pelvic exam I have ever received and I felt very uncomfortable with the nurse. It took five days for me to get my blood results back after they sent the order in incorrectly and were only given my blood type, not my HCG level. I went back for follow up blood work at the Lakewood location feeling a little apprehensive after my initial experience but my nurse was amazing! Even though they were busy, she took the time to search for my blood results and answer all my questions. They also received my blood work the following day and although they were sent to the Highlands location, she pulled them and called me back as soon as she saw them in the system. She restored my faith in Mountain Vista OBGYN and I will be with the Lakewood location for the rest of my pregnancy :)

    Although I do have to applaud Highlands Ranch for getting me in quickly for blood work and a check up even though they aren't my home location. There's always a silver lining! 
  • I love Swedish too! I had prenatal care with mountain midwifery but had to transfer to Dr hall both times. I live in arvada but I have had such a great experience with Swedish and the staff that I'm going back to Dr hall. I had the same nurse with both of my girls. For the life of me I can't remember her name. The lactation consultants are great! 

    O16 April Siggy
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