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Hypno birthing?

Anyone have any experience with any hypno birthing classes in the area? Anyone considering this?

Re: Hypno birthing?

  • I don't but am interested in learning about this!
  • I think there might be a class connected to Birth Roots right in Portland. Not sure what their schedule is though.
  • We got in touch with Peggy woodcock - so far so good. I'm not sure I believe all the claims of the program but she is informative and certainly we are learning relaxation techniques and are far more comfortable with the birthing process than we were
  • @Ellsmac so funny I just got off the phone with Peggy she says she has two private student classes now and that she works out of her students homes. Maybe it's because I've been a group fitness junkie my whole life that I like the idea of being in a studio and with other people -- but how do you feel about the one-on-one with her in your home? She said if I was insisting on a group class to try Birth roots.
  • We weren't sure what we were going to think to be honest and had wanted to try and find some others to make a small class but the timing didn't work out.

    so we are doing a one on one (two?) with her. Anyhow, we actually like it. Some of it's a little goofy (at least in my mind it is) so in some ways it's pretty nice to have it be just us and her. She's pretty comfortable to be around so it's not an issue having her in our home and this way when we are doing the relaxation exercises - i get to relax on our couch!
  • @Ellsmac sorry one more question. I've done some yoga before and sometimes I've hated it and sometimes I've loved it --- the vinyasa flow where I feel like I'm toning and stretching are awesome, the gentle yoga where we are meditating and talking about inner spirit etc makes me feel super uncomfortable - so much so that I've walked out of classes. Is it like gentle yoga? I know some people love gentle yoga, but it's just not my thing. I'm very practical and analytical and like to follow rules and steps, I'm super type A and have never been able to meditate. Are you like this and were you still able to like the class?

    My biggest fear is what if I spend the $400 and its just me and my husband and her and I hate it and feel weird. I can't leave - she's in my house and it's just us!!!! I'm worried I'm not the right type of person for this and having her to our house just feels like a major commitment.
  • I totally understand your fears. The whole concept is a little hippy dippy for sure and that also makes me slightly uncomfortable. It is what it is and I'm just looking at it as I take what works and leave what doesn't and Peggy seems to get that. She is a little out there but not too far out if that makes sense. I would actually suggest you explain to her exactly what you explained to us and see if she would be amenable to doing one class.
  • My husband and I view it as learning some general relaxation techniques - as well as info about birthing experience generally - but I think - from what you're saying - you're right to be hesitant to make that kind of commitment. You don't want to feel stuck or like you wasted the money on top of being uncomfortable! You can probably pick the book up online and/or check it out some videos on you tube. We definitely did some digging before committing to see what it was all about
  • No problem and good luck! While we do like Peggy and find her classes helpful - I always feel like you have to go with your gut on these things. There is also a woman in town who does hold classes - i think her website is "seachange" or something like that. They are a little less expensive and meet in town. Good luck!!
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