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Graduated from pumping to breastfeeding

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I think my baby has finally started to suck on my boob! - But only with a nipple shield. She still hates the actual thing and I don't blame her. My nipples are tiny.

We were trying really hard for it to work in the beginning. About 6 LC seen us in one week. Most of the time it was a horrible experience where the baby would cry and I would cry when they left. I would feel really bad about myself and my nipples. I finally said F.U. all and told myself I’ll just pump.

Today she rested next to me and opened her mouth, found my chest and latched on to my shirt… then she looked at me. (Like actually looked up and down my face… like something finally clicked in her brain) What the hell, I’ll tried again and she didn’t cry but suckled joyfully.

I been pumping for 3 weeks and by now I am a pro at that but unfortunately I don't know the 101 on breast feeding. 

It’s like 20 min per boob…. how do I know if it’s empty or is she is getting anything? How do I do it in public lol? Should I still pump after ever feed?

I think I will stay pumping for now but now I feel like I can be freer to go outside the house and not worry about the time or that I will explode.

(btw as I am typing this my baby is farting like a pro! I’m so proud of her lol)


Re: Graduated from pumping to breastfeeding

  • The only way you know about the amount from breastfeeding is diaper output... Though you'd have some idea from how much you were pumping.
    Breastfeeding in public... In not much help - I like the mothering rooms when out... Nursing tanks helps me keep my dignity even there... :)
    I would keep pumping to keep up your output and it's no harm to have extra stored... Maybe not after every feed but the lighter ones.
    You've so got this!!!!!!
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  • I am so happy for you! I hope you and baby continue with great success! :-)
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  • Congratulations! I had a similar experience with DD1, only it took her 3 MONTHS to get back to breast.

    Like pp said, diaper output says a lot. Also look and listen for sucking and swallowing. When I was transitioning back, my LC said if she went for 15 minutes on 1, I could call it good. If it was less, I was to offer the bottle and pump. 

    It's so exciting that she got it! Way to go.

  • Congrats!! My baby eats for about 15 minutes on the first side ... I can usually tell when he's done because he'll start getting fussy, pull away, or actually hit me in the boob lol. I burp him halfway through that breast and after, then move him to the other. He makes it pretty apparent if he's finished or wants to keep eating.

    You don't need to pump after every feed unless your supply is low and you want to increase it, or if you want to build up a freezer stash. I exclusively breastfeed except for one bottle of pumped milk a day. I pump 1-3 times per day to have milk for the bottle the next day and to build up my stash for when I go back to work at 12 weeks (when I'll be pumping during the day).

    I've only breastfed in public once (while on a walk and I just sat on a park bench and used my cover-up, but no one was around so it was pretty private!). When I know I'm going to be out and about when baby has to eat, I usually bring a bottle of pumped milk since it's easier for me and faster (he'll drink it cold). If you're at a store, you can always use their fitting rooms if you want a bit of privacy. I just find it uncomfortable (physically, because my baby is heavy and I don't have my Boppy with me!), so it's just easier for me to give him a bottle.
  • The amount of time she needs will vary, and as she gets more efficient feeds normally get shorter. You could pump after for some feeds if you want a stash, but it's not necessary if baby is satisfied. I find it easy to BF in public, but #1 refused bottles, so I never had a choice lol. When I was still getting used to it I'd use a muslin blanket over my shoulder (less obvious than a nursing cover) while she latched. With the right outfit, you can't see anything when baby is latched. Once baby gets bigger their head and hands block the view of the breast while latching too. Mothers rooms and fitting rooms are nice options, but don't feel that you have to use them if it's not convenient-breastfeeding is a protected right almost everywhere.
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  • I joked with my brother in law about how some people make it a game to have sex in various places and I was going to do that with breastfeeding! Lol. So far, it's just been my car, various friends' bedrooms, and a dressing room at the buckle!
  • Congrats! BFing is so much easier than pumping once they get the hang of it! As for nursing in public, just do it. It'll feel weird the first few times but then it'll feel no different than giving a bottle. I've nursed at restaurants, at Bible study, at friends' houses, at my hubby's baseball game. When baby's hungry, I feed her. We use a cover most of the time but there have been times I've been in an isolated enough environment or my clothes and a blanket over the top of my breast are enough so I'm not showing anything without covering DD up. I've never once had a negative comment or weird stare. I have seen supportive smiles from other moms or grandmas.
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