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Abnormal Ultrasound

Our ultrasound report --

RVOT suggested the pulmonary outflow is larger than the adjacent aorta - because of this they recommend a fetal cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram).

We had two ultrasounds one at 18w2d and the other today 20w2d - which was a rescan for better imagining

This is our first child and we are so anxious .. Has anyone experienced/heard of this?

Re: Abnormal Ultrasound

  • My anatomy scan revealed that something was wrong with my baby's heart, but did not give a specific diagnosis... I had to echocardiograms in the next 5 business days. One at my OB office with a cardiologist and one at a children's hospital. They thought that my son had either AVSD to begin with or HLHS... Both very serious... That was with the OB. I was overwhelmed and scared to death!!! It was revealed at the echocardiograms that in fact he has a coarctation of his aorta (serious but much less serious and much easier to correct).... Waiting is hard but try not to jump to conclusions until you see the specialist for the echocardiogram. They will be able to give you a definitive answer (and even after that I would still seek a second opinion with a second doctor to get another echo). Hang in there! Keep us posted :).
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  • Thank you so much, waiting is extremely difficulty .. Our echo is scheduled for Oct. 7th ..
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  • Please keep us posted and try to stay away from doctor Google... Believe it or not 1 out of every 100 pregnancies have a random congenital heart defect. Some are more serious than others and many go undetected only to cause an issue later in life. At this rate IF (big IF) there is anything wrong the echo will tell you FOR SURE :).
  • @andreachristine1 Hi! I hope your fetal echo goes well. I wanted to respond to you personally because you saying your baby may have HLHS hit very close to home. I have HRHS and am 6 weeks pregnant. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to shout here (I am still learning how to use this app), or you can email me, or message me on Facebook. My email is [email protected] and Facebook you can find me under Megan O'toole. If anyone else is reading this as well going through something similar, you are more than welcome to contact me as well. Have a great night!!
  • Oops. I meant @andreachristine81 Sorry if I messed things up. Still learning!!!!
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