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Looking for opinions on Koltyn as a girls name. Thoughts?

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  • Adding a K and a Y to a masculine name doesn't make it feminine. I'm not a fan.

    May I suggest Carys or Katerina?
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  • Awful.
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  • It's pretty terrible.
  • Not good.  Is this supposed to be a "new" spelling of Colton?  If so, that's a boy name.

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  • It's so kyute.

    But not really, I was kidding. Not a good name for a girl, especially with the y spelling.
  • It's terrible. Please don't name your child this.

    Why not Caitlin?

  • Not a fan, sorry. Colton for a boy is not my style either. How about . . .

    Caitlin or Caitlyn
    Karen or Karyn
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  • One of the worst I have heard in awhile.

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  • It's pretty bad.
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    So my mom said when I don't have anything nice to say... nope, you asked.

    Sorry, it's just bad.
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  • Hate. Spelling is really bad.
  • Horrible. I'm not a fan of Colton anyway. It's worse for a girl, and the crazy spelling makes it awful.
  • I find it weird when people come onto TB, and their VERY FIRST post, is some crazy name on the BNB.

    I instantly think MUD. Didn't we have another one about a week or so ago that was a crazy spelling or some made up name? I went on that person's profile and they had only posted like 1-2 times as well. 

    Colton is not a female name. And I don't even know what a Koltyn is. 
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  • No. It's awful. Do not do this to your child
  • No- I don't like it at all- sorry.


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  • Terrible. Adding a Y doesn't turn a boy name into a girl name.



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  • such boring MUD lately

  • Koltyn is just as bad the poster who suggested Kollyns yesterday.
  • sorry, but no.. Koltyn is still a definite boys name. & not a fan of the spelling either. it doesn't make it look cool or more feminine. it's just kinda confusing.
  • I admit I like 'uncommon' names. Within reason. But not this.

    1) its a boys name
    2) its misspelled

    Don't do it. There were some great suggestions for alternate names above. If you tell what kind of name you are looking for, or what kind of 'feel' you are going for, there are many here who would be glad to make some suggestions, and they usually have some pretty good ideas.
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  • My first reaction was to feel confused when i looked a it. My mind wanted to read Kaitlyn but obviously that wasnt what was written there. I would say if you absolutely adore the name, atleast spell it Colton. However I feel that there may be other slightly-masculine girls names that may be a better choice.
  • Yikes. Please don't.
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