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Hello! I see these boards aren't super active anymore but it would be nice to find a few people who are in this process as well. 
My husband and I are 33, living in Las Vegas (though we're from Alaska originally) and are currently waiting to adopt. We are working with a local non profit agency and have finished our home study. We struggled to get pregnant for several years before being told that getting pregnant without IVF was going to be nearly impossible. (I have a slew of problems with my reproductive system that we didn't really know about until we did infertility testing. It's nothing life threatening, just annoying!) We decided to put our time and energy towards adoption instead. (Nothing wrong with IVF of course, it just didn't feel like the right path for us.) 

We're REALLY excited about trying to adopt. Our agency has told us it's best to be proactive so we're currently looking for our own match in Nevada or neighboring state, but it's kind of hard. We're a little stalled out on what to do really. It's such a delicate thing and I'm so worried about making someone feel obligated or pressured into placing their child for adoption. In a perfect world I guess I'd like to find someone who was in the last like week of their pregnancy or so and was totally sure they wanted to do an adoption plan. Haha, unlikely though, right? 

Anyway, I'd love to find some people to chat about adoption with. I'm deep in the midst of decorating our nursery and picking out the cutest gender neutral hipster baby outfits on Etsy, so anyone who wants to see lots of pictures of adorable baby leggings definitely hit me up. :) 

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  • Hello. I've been on the infertility boards but after a rough few days I think we may be done TTC and pursuing adoption.

    We also saw an RE and were in treatment, no luck.
    I've lurked a bit and did notice more limited activity here. But I would like some input and support.

    Etsy is addictive. I would only have adorably sarcastic outfits on our child. And leggings as often as possible.

    I wish you and H luck and lots of happiness.
  • I wish more people would adopt. I don't love our little ones any less than a bio. We're foster adopt though.
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  • Hi there- I'm also struggling with fertility and have a second opinion with an RE at the end of October.

    My husband and I are researching adopting- it's very overwhelming! We're keeping our options open and looking through every avenue of adoption. Who knew it would be so expensive too!?

    Etsy is amazing! Can't wait to someday buy baby things!

  • I am pregnant after IVF and also adopting. We were adopting before we found out we had fertility problems. We always knew we wanted to adopt and have babies. The truth is though both processes have been so rewarding. Whatever you choose I wish you all the best with it and that there are so many amazing things along the road for you.

    I can't really help with how it works as I am adopting overseas but from the country I live in so the process is different but I would be happy to see these boards more active.

    Are you looking at domestic adoption?! Or through foster care?!

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