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7 days pp csection and still no milk...please help!

I am 7 days pp a 30 hr induction/labor and csection and my milk still has not come in. DD has had difficulty latching since birth and will only do so with a nipple shield. She has been fed by breast every 2 hours since birth. She had first peds appointment on Friday and she has gone from 7 lbs 15 oz to 6 lbs 12 oz. I also saw a lactation consultant at the appointment who recommended using a syringe filled with formula and feed through the nipple shield to supplement so baby continues to learn to latch and suck and also gets nutrition. I have been doing this every 2 hours since Friday. I've also been pumping since Thursday after every feeding for 15 minutes using a hospital grade pump, but the most that has come out of each breast is 1-2 ml. Additionally, I've been taking fenugreek and blessed thistle pills 3x/day and drinking mother's milk tea 1x day. What else can I do to make this happen? I'm so frustrated. Please help! I so badly want this to happen.

Re: 7 days pp csection and still no milk...please help!

  • Is your supply not coming in? Have your boobs reach the awful big as your head and hard as a rock point? Maybe your ducts are blocked.. I would definitely check with your doc. You don't want it to become a painful situation for you if its in there and just not coming out.

    I'm sorry you're going through this and hope someone has that piece of advice that makes the difference. Keep your head up.
  • You're doing great! Most babies lose weight after birth. Mine went from 8.7 to 7.2. He didn't get back to birth weight until almost 3 weeks and that was with breastfeeding as well as supplementing with formula after his feeds. 1-2ml is A LOT to be pumping after a feeding after you're well into breastfeeding- at 7 days pp it's a ton! That's all your baby can eat now. When I pumped after feedings that first week I didn't even get 0.5 ounces combined! (I too had a c-section). Your breasts may not feel full or rock hard-mine still never do and I'm almost 12 week pp now. You're doing everything right! Just keep working on that latch. Maybe have the lactation consultant check for lip/tongue tie. My lo had a pretty shallow latch. We just got his tongue tie clipped last week and there's a ton of improvement! The sooner it's done the better. If baby is going two hours between feeds I would say she is satisfied. My lo never made it that long between feeds unless he was supplemented in addition to breastfed. There's tons of great information at kellymom.com. Also there are breastfeeding support groups on facebook. As long as your baby is having 6-10 wet diapers and 4-6 stools right now you're fine. Has she transitioned to yellow seedy stools yet?
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  • As PP said, you're doing great! My milk also came in late, even with a good latch and an eager feeder. I never got engorged when it came in, either. So keep it up and continue to work with your lactation consultant. Don't get discouraged! Just keep reminding yourself that you just need to take it one day at a time. You are doing the best you can for your LO!
  • Talk to you OB. Is it possible that a small amount of placenta was left in you uterus and your milk hasn't fully come in? With your LC did you do a weighed feeding so you know exactly how much LO is eating? 1-2ml does not sound like much, unless your LO is transferring a full feeding or close to it, like 2 oz or more.

    Keep pumping, it may take a while for your body to respond to the pump.

  • It is possible for it to take 10 days before milk comes in, keep doing what you are doing.
  • Oh and with the IV fluids u got for the induction and C section that birth weight was inflated so I'm sure the loss was a lot of water weight
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