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Toddler begging for baby

My 2.5 year old little girl is literally begging for a baby sister. She has asked Santa, the Easter bunny and even includes it in her blessing at dinner. She talks none stop about her baby sister calling her by name (I'm guessing she heard at school). Anyone have experience with this? I feel horrible because she wants a sibling so bad but I don't think it's in our cards. Should I redirect her? Is it just a stage? I'm having a lot of only child guilt lately and coming to terms with not having another baby. This has been going on for almost a year, at first it was cute but now it's gut renenching because it's something I can't give her. How do you tell a almost 3 year she's not getting a baby sister? All of our friends/play dates have 2 plus kids so I know that has something to do with it and just wanting a play mate at home.

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  • Yikes. My lo is two. She tells everyone that her friends' baby siblings are hers. I'm not sure what we are planning to do if she asks more. I would love to have another child but it simply isn't going to have it.
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  • I have an only child.  I'd like to have another, but it's just not possible.  It was a miracle in itself that we had our daughter.  She's 4 1/2 and sometimes will ask about a brother or sister, but thankfully not often.  The other day we were at the beach and the kid she was playing with must have asked her because I overheard her say, "I don't have a brother or sister"  I feel like she knows no different, but I do and it literally kills me. 

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  • Foster adoption may be an option if you want more kids. I'm snuggling my little right now. :)
  • My DD is almost 4 and she went through a phase like that. It started right shortly before her third birthday, and she was begging for a sister, and ONLY a sister. As time went on, she moved onto "well, I want either a sister or brother..." (maybe trying to show that she wasn't AS picky about the sex). She does have a little friend that doesn't have any other siblings (and most likely will be an only child) and they call each other "sisters". As time went on, she started asking about a sibling less and less, and now she rarely brings up a sibling. 
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