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Hi, does anyone have someone they love in the Portland area?

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  • I just had my baby but we have seen Dr. Blumenthal with MMP twice so far and we like him a lot. (We DID get warned by the nurse that sometimes you need to wait for him because he gives patients all the time they want which was the case so that is one thing I'd know going in. I don't love waiting but we also definitely didn't feel rushed with him which was nice too.)
  • Dr Blumenthal was the pediatrician on call at Mercy when our baby was born--which was wild because he was MY pediatrician for a while as a kid!! He's very nice. We take our son to Dr Emily Wesolowski at Portland Intermed, like her a lot!! And she's a mom, so I like that she can personally relate and understand.
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  • Thank you both! I'm going to try to meet both of them. I'm in a client service profession so it drives me crazy having to wait for a doctor (I know emergencies come up, but if they regularly run late...). I love doctors who give each patient as much time as they need, I just wish they would space out their appointments more then. Sorry for the rant this is like my #1 pet peeve. My old OB was like this and I would end up missing client meetings because i was waiting over an hour for a 15 minute appointment. I ended up moving to ME so I switched OBs anyway, but I was getting to the end of the line with him!!!
  • I am the same way! DH was more patient than me and really likes him. My plan was to stick with the doc who saw the baby in the hospital for a couple of months because Mercy is opening a pediatric practice soon and I thought it would be easier to keep all of our records in the same place. So I may not stay but he's very nice!
  • I really like Dr. Dewey in Falmouth. He is a part of a group and always is able to get the kiddos in that day if anything comes up. He is great with kids and a wonderful pediatrician.
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