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Dad wont be at birth,certifcate??

Im less than a week from delivery and my fiance will not be home for several more months :( i kno he cannot be listed as her father as he has to actually be there to sign the certificate.this is something i kno ill have to change down the road But can i still give her his last name? P.s we are together and he wants to be there im having a hard time coping :(

Re: Dad wont be at birth,certifcate??

  • Do you know the laws of your state? DH did not sign the paperwork for our kids birth certificates. I filled out the entire thing and signed it. He may not have to be there to be on it.

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  • @jesselayne8 were you married though? It is my understanding from working in more than one hospital in 2 different states, if you are not married the father must sign the certificate to be named dad and to have the last name. I could be wrong on the latter though.
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  • Unless there is different paperwork for unmarried women then there was no where for a father to sign.

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  • My husband didn't have to sign the birth cert and it's not like there is a married and unmarked form. I don't think the father must be present to be listed.
  • If not married in order for the fathers name to make it on the certificate you must have him sign the acknowledgment of paternity form or it won't show up. So yes there is a different form. That I know for sure. I just don't know about the giving baby his last name without him signing said form.
  • We are not yet married and he wont be able to sign. I know he wont be able to be listed as the father. I did read somewhere that i could give the baby any name i want. Just not sure if thats accurate?
  • Oh im in ohio and ive tried looking it up but im not having much luck
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    Yeah unfortunately that is the part I am unsure of. I do think you can give the baby any name you choose but I am not certain of that. Try researching your states laws. (As a L&D nurse) I usually defer these topics to the mother baby postpartum nurses since they deal with all the paperwork so I am unsure of this part. Sorry.

    Edit: It does appear that some states allow you to name baby anything but father will not show up on certificate unless he signs paper. Didn't see for Ohio specifically though.
  • I believe i finally found it and on ohio laws! He has to physically sign it to be listed as her father but i can give her any last name i choose! In all this it has put alot of hardship on me but at least her name will be his <3 thanks for ur help!
  • No problem. Good luck momma
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    This should help. He needs to sign an affidavit in the presence of a notary after birth:

    ETA: also
  • My husband didn't have to sign anything either time in Colorado or Texas.
  • Because you are married!
  • Yup if ur married husband automatically put in as father. My cousin was actually married to a man who went to prison. She got with another guy and got pregnant. Even thou he wasnt the father and couldnt have been because he was incarcerated at the time his name still went on the birth certificate because they werent divorced! Almost a year later she got the divorce and was able to change the certificate to the childs real father! Kinda stupid if u ask me!
  • My sons father had to sign the paper work to be listed as the father on his birth certificate. My son is under my last name, but he had to sign saying that he agrees to take responsibility to be the father. I guess it's different depending on your area. Canada Nova Scotia here.
  • My hospital gave me the forms early and I've already filled them out and had them signed...maybe that's an option for you?
  • Things have likely changed in 28 years, but bear with me. When my sister was born, my parents weren't married and my dad didn't sign the paperwork. He was added to her birth certificate many years later (I think she was fifteen or sixteen). She had his last name from the beginning, though.

    Can you call the hospital you'll deliver at and get specific information from them? It might be better than making even an educated guess based on info from random people around the world online. I'd hate for you to be wrong and only add to the difficulty later. The hospital will be able to help you accurately, so you're prepared. I know that even just between Washington and Oregon states the laws are different.
  • When a person is married their husband is automatically assumed to be the father. When people are unmarried this is not assumed and the man must acknowledge by signing the paperwork naming himself the father. Maybe you can get the paperwork ahead of time and send it to him and have him get it notarized. They have notaries at the UPS it only costs a couple bucks.
  • Whether his name is on the certificate or not you can give the baby his last name. I don't remember if my husband had to sign the birth certificate or not as it has been seven years, we were not married at the time.
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  • When I was given the forms to fill out it asked me if the husband was the father and if not the father had to sign an "acknowledgement of paternity" paper, but there was also a spot for the husband to sign to accept responsibility. There were also a bunch of other forms that needed mother and fathers signatures. I live in Texas and had my baby 2 weeks ago
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    I live in Iowa, and I'm pretty sure my husband is on SS's paperwork even though he was neither married to his ex nor present for the birth.  He pays child support (I believe you can only request support from the father listed on the birth certificate here, though I could be wrong), and to my knowledge never signed an affidavit of paternity (he did not demand testing and never denied paternity).

    ETA: He says he did sign something the next day at the hospital, though he does not remember specifically what document it was.
  • I had my second in NY we were not married at the time put dad's last name for his name no issue. At some point he had to sing something saying he was the father befor we got married
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