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Skin to skin right after c-section

I am interested in immediate skin to skin contact after my next c-section. I had a rough delivery with my first little one and didn't really know what to plan for so with my second I will schedule a c-section. Has anyone done immediate skin to skin in OR?

Re: Skin to skin right after c-section

  • I had an unplanned c section. She needed a little attention from the nurses so we didn't do immediate skin to skin, but we did do it in the OR within about 15 minutes of her birth. Since I planned to breastfeed the nurse also helped her to latch onto my breast as well. I would talk to the hospital where you're delivering to see what there policies are.
  • I just had an unplanned c section at wake med in Cary. I just told them that I wanted skin to skin so when she was born after they made sure she was ok they let me do skin to skin while they stitched me back up. They only took her away while they got me back to my room and then went right back to skin to skin.
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