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I know Halloween isn't until next month but I'm super excited for LOs first. I have no idea what I'm going to dress her up as. DH mentioned wanting to dress up as anchorman and LO as Baxter. Lol
Has anyone started looking into costumes? Are there any amazing moms out there that are going to make their LOs costume?

Re: Halloween

  • yup :) we are going to be either the pumpkin family where i will be wearing a orange shirt with black jeans and a green headband, husband will be wearing a orange shirt with jeans and a green hat and our daughter will be wearing a orange onesie with a white tutu and a green headband. OR we will be Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. I will be wearing a black long sleeve with black leggings and a red tutu and ears, my husband will be wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and she will be wearing a Minnie Mouse onesie with tutu :) we aren't taking her out so we might just do the pumpkin one which is cheaper, simple and easy :)
  • I love family themed costumes! I wish I would've dressed my older son in a light costume for his first. He was in a full costume and got hot and fussy fast. I learned my lesson, LO will be in something light and simple.
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  • we got LO a little superman bib that came with little socks to match and I'll just put a onsie under it
  • Cute ideas! I love Halloween but DH does not so no family costumes here. I'm not sure if I'll be dressing LO up since she will stay home while I take older two trick or treating. DD1 will be Daniel Tiger or Sofia the First but DS wants to be Stitch from Lilo and Stitch - I'm really not sure if I can make a good costume for that one!
  • No family costume this year for us :( hopefully next year though. DS2 gets warm really easily, so this year I'm just doing this little hat for him. DS1 is going to be a TRex.
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  • Everyone's ideas are so cute!! I can't wait to see all the pics! I doubt we will do a full family theme this year. I'm sure my 9 yr old will want to pick his own costume. I told DH we should do Peter, Louis, Stewie and Brian with LO and our bulldog. lol Hopefully we'll agree on something soon.
  • I just got an outfit that says baby's first Halloween with cute pants with a spider on the but. I'll just take some pics in it and that's prob it. We never go anywhere on Halloween. It's kind of a bummer. We live Ina farmstead a ways out of town so we never even get trick or treaters.
  • I'd love to do a family theme but DH refuses to wear costumes. Hoping that'll change as LO gets older. She will wear a hand me down lion costume my mom had made for my nephew years ago.
  • My 2 year old is gonna be Buzz Lightyear and LO is gonna be Woody.
  • No family costumes... Our LO (Ty) is going to be a beanie baby!

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    Little dude will be here before we know it!

  • LO is the cowardly lion, 16 year old is Dorothy, 14 year old is a lollipop guild munchkin, husband is mayor of munchkin land (wanted to be sexy Glinda) I'm the scarecrow (for ease of nursing). I wanted to be the wicked witch but was afraid it would scare our LO. 14 year old is going to change mid evening into the Tin Man.
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    Halloween isn't really my holiday (I'm a Christmas freak though....12 Christmas outfits for the 12 days of Christmas anyone? )....but my hubby is really into Halloween and cool decorations and dressing up and all.....so, like the true dorks we are, we are doing family themed costumes. We will be doing Halloween Game of Thrones style....I'll be Daneyres, LO will be a baby dragon, and hubby will be some character-not sure which one yet. Should be pretty epic. :-) :-P
  • We always do family themes also, but this year my husband is deployed so I decided I could go all cutesy and just dress my LO up as a pretty pineapple :) - I make our costumes for the most part. My boys will be a firefighter and emt.
  • We got the elephant from PB Kids :)
  • Just started sewing our costumes yesterday. 4 yr old wants to be and Ewok so our new baby will be R2D2. My little boys first Halloween we did starwars too. Pictured below. I love a great family costume.

  • @corndogrobot I agree! Amazing! I wish I was that creative! :)

    @mnfanklin000 He's too cute!
  • @LSquared3960 I love the hat! Did you make it?
  • I am thinking my LO is going to be a piglet. I'm just going to look for a pink onesie and some pink pants for him and then have my mom make a hat with the ears and face
  • I'm so sad I have to work 10am-10pm on Halloween. I'll miss his first Halloween. I'll probably just buy him a cute onesie to wear while he and dad pass out candy. At least I'm off Christmas this year. That's way more important to me.
  • LO is going to be a ghost (tutu style) and me and the hubby are going to be ghostbusters! Super excited :)
  • Sorry ...I should add... I'm really not a fan of Halloween (dressing up myself, attending parties, handing out candy etc) and am glad that due to maternity leave I will be missing festivities at school this year (I am a kindergarten teacher) just looking forward to cute photos of my LO!
  • Baby girl is going to be a gum ball machine (saw it on Pinterest months ago and new it would be fun!

  • ecloho said:
    @LSquared3960 I love the hat! Did you make it?
    I found it on Etsy!
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  • My SO and I plan to be Sam and Suzy from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Our LO will be dressed as Suzy's kitten! Yeah...we're "Hipsters" like that.
  • Such cute ideas! DH is working his Halloween and I don't really have anywhere to take her. So, we're gonna wait til next year to get really into it.
  • Just a heads up Costco has adorable infant baby costumes now for like $14 bucks!!!! Our LO is going to be an owl!!! :)
  • For now we are thinking of dressing LO as Thumper, our pit bull as Bambi, me as Minnie and hubs as Sorcerer Mickey. We already have 90% of these costumes so it would be easy and cheap.

    However, I am loving those Star Wars ideas! Maybe I'll convince hubs to dress our daughter as an ewok ;)
  • We finally decided on a costume! LO is going to be Cheshire Cat. I found this cute costume at Disney.com.
  • My mom went ahead and bought her a sweet little strawberry costume lol. She's gonna be so cute!
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