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    We call DD squishy & even sing her a song 'squishy, squishy' to the tune Louie, Louie. Her middle name is Katherine so we call her Kitty. We also call her Super Pooper because she only cried for the first 4 days when she pooped, now she burps, toots, & poops like a champion! Oh and we call her snortle because she has a stuffy nose & sometimes snorts when she eats or sleeps :x
  • We call him jello because his initials are J E L and he is so wiggly.

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  • I call her baby squirms a lot. Peanut and chunky monkey
  • Ours is Charles and we always call him Charlie... But he also gets Squeaky because that's the noise he makes when he's squirming around and then when he's really hungry we call him Goose (also what he sounds like), which is funny because my hubby flies fighters like Top Gun. ;)
  • She was my tummy baby while pregnant and now she is my Ellie Bellie. My older daughter calls her sissy and my DH and I call her that a lot now too. When she is fussy/restless we call her squeaks, since that's what she does.

  • Along with the standard munchkin/peanut We call him cheeks or chins (chunky little face) and sometimes vampire baby because I swear he hates sunlight!
  • We call LO sis, princess, snuggle bug, pretty girl.. we also call her little puggy because when she's angry she snorts like a pug lol. :))
  • My little girl is tiny so she gets called peanut a lot or sweet pea! My dad calls her T, her name is Thea
  • Chubby, chub-chub, chubby bubby... Yeah, going to have to figure out a new one before she's old enough to know what it means. Talk about a complex. Whoops.
  • Princess or peanut. My BFFs husband used to call their LO M&M I thought it was because those were her initials but no, apparently it stands for mini monster (she wasn't a good sleeper) he also used to call her terrorist because she dropped the nastiest bombs (dirty diapers). Lol
  • I call Connor monkey, monkey butt, bibette (french for bug), bug and con man... my husband calls him his little stud
  • Tonight's feeding reminded me of another nickname of hers.. Little Piranha... Inspired by her verocious latch and nipple attacks during feeding!
  • For reasons I can't fathom my DH calls our little guy Mr. Figgles (fussy + giggles) idunno I just go with it lol and I call him Little John and I like to play him the Robin Hood song
  • We call our LO Baby Cakes!! She is just so sweet!!
  • Hubby calls her Munchkin. I've been calling her Lexie Lou and Squirmy Worm when she's on the changing pad
  • Ambermom043Ambermom043 member
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    I don't think I've ever called her by her real name... I call her:
    •Mean butt
    •Burrito baby
    •Fart blossom (my dad called us that)
    And I say "Hi" to her so many times in one sentence it should be illegal.

    My husband calls her Grouchpants and Crabby patty.. haha.
  • A friend bought us a really lovely keepsake when she was born that is a clock with her name, weight, dob and time of birth and a sentence saying that "in this moment time stood still". It's gorgeous but the maker spelled her name slightly wrong so instead of Willow it's Williow so now we've taken to call her Williow. I think it's going to stick until she much older.
  • Little man or Grump depending on the mood
  • I call her "Little Bit" because she's so tiny compared to my son. My husband calls her "Girly" lol
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  • Her names Mckinleigh when she's real fussy we'll use her middle name with her first so Mckinleigh Rae, but we also call her princess and little nugget or nugget
  • Pretty pretty princess, stinky(her poops lol) squeaky(some of the noises she makes) beautiful, angel, peanut, her middle name is Tatum so her God mommy calls her tator tot,sweet pea and peanut.
  • My son's name is Hawk, I call him my little bird. Also I call him kitten, because he's always losing his mittens.

  • I call her my "mystery pooper" because hey...you never know if someone else could have made that loud, explosive pooping sound...right?
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