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Tips for Achieving a VBAC?

I am hoping for a VBA2C with my third baby, due in 3 weeks. My RCS backup date is at 40w. 
Background = My previous c-sections were non-emergent - - DS1 due to suspected macrosomia and suspected CPD. Baby born health at 8lbs 2 oz. I should have never been convinced to do the section! DD2 born at 42 weeks after no signs of labor progression. I never dilated or effaced. 

With this third baby, my OB is supportive of the TOLAC. My body seems to be doing things it never has before in terms of contracting, baby is very low in pelvis, etc. 

Any suggestions for the next 3 weeks of things I can safely do to encourage my body to give labor a shot?! Knowing this is my last baby, I feel like this is my last chance to have the L&D I have always hoped for. My OB has said all along, I have no other risk factors except for having 2 previous c-sections. 

Re: Tips for Achieving a VBAC?

  • If your OB is as supportive as you claim, why is your RCS scheduled at 40w? If your last pregnancy went to 42 weeks I would be concerned that you would never go into labor before your c-section date. I would try to push the date back
  • It sounds like you need to find a more supportive provider or get him to reschedule the rcs for post 42 weeks. I would look into your local ICAN, hire a doula, look at Hypnobabies vbac tracks and also find an acupuncturist that specializes in induction if you face an end date. I'm a big believer in body work too so would suggest a Webster certified Chiro.

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  • I was induced with DD at exactly 41 weeks.  I would push back the c/s date if possible - 40 weeks may not be enough time to let baby come on its own.
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