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B/G twins with different weight percentiles

Hi everyone! I'm 29 weeks and just got back from my doctor appointment. We had an u/s and was told that baby girl is in the 33% and baby boy is in the 50% for weight.They are wanting me to go back in 2 weeks to check on their growth. I'm a little nervous because both of my singleton pregnancies were a breeze and never had any concerns. Is this a normal thing to have a weight difference with b/g twins? He also said that I might end up with a c/s if baby girl isn't close to baby boy's weight. Due to her being first to be born. Has anyone experienced this? My husband thinks I'm worrying over nothing, but I can't help it. This is so different from our last two children.

Re: B/G twins with different weight percentiles

  • Yes, my girl was much smaller than my boy. She was classified as IUGR (intrauterine growth restricted) because her bro hogged all the space. My doctor said they started more monitoring when the difference was greater than 15% different & became even more concerned when they got over 20% different. I believe my DD only got up to about 18%. What the doctors then do is heavily dependent on whether the smaller one continues to grow steadily (even if still significantly different than the larger one) or if the growth becomes stagnant. In the first case, there is usually just a lot of monitoring. In the second, some intervention is usually required (or so I have been told). I was also told the girl usually is the smaller one for some reason I don't remember. I ended up with a c sec at 34 weeks but not due to the IUGR, due to preeclampsia. DD was 3 lb 11 oz & DS was 4lb 13oz. She actually left the NICU sooner though because she was a little fighter! Today at 18 weeks she is 11 lbs & her bro is 15. My ped said there is a chance she will be petite her whole life but we won't know for sure until she is about 4.

    Hang in there - you probably have a lot of extra monitoring in store. It can be a pain in the butt but the bright sides are that you get to see & hear your babies a lot more often & they will obviously be well looked after medically since they are monitored so often. Hopefully it'll turn out to be no biggie & you just end up with a tiny little fighter like my DD! Good luck!
  • I am 37 weeks, however, at 35 I was sent to a specialist to have an additional ultrasound to check on their differences in weight. Baby a (boy) was measuring smaller than normal. I forget the percentage but I want to say around 15%. He was 5 lb and baby b (she) was 5 lb 8 oz. they have kept a close eye on them every week since then and suggested c section bc baby b is bigger and breech. I could easily deliver baby a with no problem, but they said there is a high chance I would end up with a c section for baby b since she is bigger and breech. I went ahead and scheduled c section even though I really was hoping for vaginal.
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  • I'm in the same boat (at 24 weeks). Have talked to other twin moms (and my dr) and they said that girls are often smaller in b/g twins. As long as they both continue to grow and stay on the growth chart, it'll just be extra close monitoring. Good luck to you!
  • My girl was always smaller than my boy (38-50% vs +98%); born at 33w5d at 3#12 and 5#7; both are doing great at 5.5 mo!!
  • My girl was 4lbs 6oz at birth (36 weeks) and my boy was 6lbs 4oz. I developed preeclampsia and had a c section. She was always smaller than him and now she is fiesty as ever and 11 lbs (they were 4 months yesterday) we call her Polly pocket.
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