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Advice Needed: Returning to work after 4 weeks

Hey ladies! Due to a change in jobs, it looks like I'm only going to be able to take 4 weeks off after my LO arrives. I am really concerned about establishing a good relationship, and building a stash in such a short amount of time, plus also being able to keep up with the demand when I return to work.

A little background: I'm a high school teacher, and this is the the first LO born in the fall. My first was born in January and I went back after 3 mos, my second born in April and I went back after 7 weeks. With both daughters, I pumped at work for the remainder of the school year, then went back to EBF for the summer. When the fall came around again, I couldn't keep up with their demand, and so ended up supplementing formula and then all formula when I dried up. For DD1 that was at 9mos, and DD2 that was around 5 mos.

My concern is that this will be the longest amount of time I will have attempted to pump at work (at least 6mos before the end of the school year) with the shortest amount of time establishing the relationship. I really want to nurse for as long as I can, but I know going back to work so soon is going to be a special challenge. Is there anyone who has gone back relatively quick who has advice for how to quickly grow a stash? Any tried and true methods for keeping supply up when pumping? I've never tried any of the cookies or teas that are out there. Do they really work? Some better than others? I really want to be able to get through the school year without any formula. Plus, we can't really afford it. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Re: Advice Needed: Returning to work after 4 weeks

  • I think you will just have to wait and see about the supply. Give yourself the 4 weeks to EBF and pump when you can, but don't stress about building a supply. You probably won't have time, and stressing over it will only make your entire BF experience worse.

    You have probably already done this, but be sure to request a planning time, or switch with someone else so you have both your lunch break and planning time to pump. I don't know if you teach elementary or secondary, but if you teach elementary the short recess probably isn't long enough to get a third pumping in, so see if you can get your principal to provide coverage for your students so you could pump as much as 3 times per day. Teaching is especially difficult to BF around because of such a strict schedule we keep. Give yourself some grace to do your best during the day and maintain a BF relationship in the evening hours. Every little bit counts, and your baby will love and adore you no matter how long you are able to BF.
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