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Do they look alike?

Here are my 5 month old twin girls. We did a DNA test and it came back "identical" but to me they look different. But my whole family thinks they look identical. Thoughts?

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  • They look identical to me. Very cute! We are waiting for the results for our twin boys.
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  • They definitely look very much alike but the cutie on the right looks like she's a bit bigger than her sister. Maybe as they grow it will become even more obvious. They are super adorable!!
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  • They look a lot alike to me, too. They are definitely flipping adorable!!!
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  • Identical to me!

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  • I see what you are saying, there are subtle differences, that probably look like big differences to you. But yes, I would have guessed identical. 
    They are very cute!
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  • Definitely look identical to me. My boys look different to me because I see them every day and can tell that they have differences but to everyone else they are very much identical.

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  • They definitely look identical in the 'textbook' sense. But I can see why you'd say they look different!
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