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So my LO just turned one and our Dr said that we can start him on milk and can continue feeding him yogurt. Has anyone tried feeding Greek yogurt to their baby or are you just giving him "baby" yogurt? :)

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  • I've never purchased baby yogurt. I give DD small bites of what I eat (Greek flavored yogurt)
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  • We've been doing full fat Greek yogurt, plain (though sometimes with fruit mixed in) since he was about 6 months old. He looooovves it! I can hardly get him to stop eating it :)
  • I just started stonefield soy yogurt, they are great , he loves them . I do too.
  • Full fat greek yogurt for our LO. The Dr. suggested it since he had dropped a few percentiles in weight, we had a weight check a few weeks after and he was good again. But he loves yogurt. 
  • Great! Thanks for all of your help ladies :)>-
  • I've given LO different types- Greek, regular, fat, non-fat. I prefer to give him fat, although those seem to be harder to find.
  • @ekneipp @luv4LO

    Where did you find fat Greek yogurt? I don't believe I've ever seen this variation! Just curious! :)
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