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Sick baby

So I know it is normal in newborns to get a runny nose/mucus but I hate that my little one is sick and in starting to get new mom jitters.. He's had this mucus problem for about a week now, it's finally letting up now that me and daddy have been using the saline drops and the Nosafrida snot sucker but now his throat is so dry and he's starting to cough a little bit. Is this normal?? And is he getting better??

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  • You need to ask your pediatrician if you think your baby is sick. I don't screw around with sickness in newborns cause they can go downhill so fast, and no one on here should be giving you advice for such a tiny baby when it comes to illness either. Call the doctor and ask.
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  • My pediatrician said to head to the ER if we ever have a fever of 100.4, just fyi. Ts&Ps that your LO isn't sick!
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  • bpwife&mamabpwife&mama member
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    Take it from a mama who just had a newborn in the hospital for 4 days, don't mess around. Call his pedi just to make sure. My little guy had a virus that turned into meningitis.
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  • Sounds like he just has a bit of a cold, but you could always call and make sure he doesn't need to be seen.
  • Our little one has been sick for a week now with congestion and drainage. I feel so bad for him. I'm thinking he has a cold because now I have if. It gets a little better everyday. My peditrican said its normal and just to keep an eye on his tempature. She also said if he has problems breathing while eating or turning blue around the mouth to call. If he doesn't get better by Wednesday we will be taking him in.
  • I would call the pediatrician to be safe. DS had the same symptoms and I brought him to see the doctor. He had apnea and a upper respiratory infection. He didn't have a fever but was still admitted to the hospital for difficulty breathing. Now its saline and syringe daily for him. Best of luck!
  • LeahnbabyLeahnbaby member
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    He hasn't any fever and hasn't had trouble eating.. He's really not even having a whole lot of trouble breathing. I feel like he's getting better because he's not really snotty anymore but now that all the snot and mucus is letting up its like his throat is dry. Which is making him cough. When babies have colds does it usually dry up and then go away??
  • I feel like it sounds worse then it is but it still breaks my heart for my little man to be sick
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