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hpdrakehpdrake member
edited August 2015 in Baby Names
Drake is the last name. James and Thomas are family names.

Boy names 84 votes

Weston Thomas
13% 11 votes
James Weston
46% 39 votes
Colton James
13% 11 votes
Dillon Thomas
13% 11 votes
James Brandt
3% 3 votes
Brandt Thomas
1% 1 vote
James Colton
9% 8 votes

Re: Boy names

  • brambles1brambles1 member
    edited August 2015
    Just curious, why isn't James Thomas or Thomas James in the running?  Weston and Colton are nms, just a little too trendy.

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    ksteeb611[Deleted User]wassuphoeseileenmcgoo
  • Since James and Thomas are more traditional names we liked the idea of pairing them with a non traditional name.
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  • ecwkecwk member
    They're all so trendy and will sound so dated in a few years.
    I love James and Thomas, those are strong, timeless names. They work well with each other, maybe you could consider that!

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  • I voted for James Weston, either stick the trendy name in the middle, or listen to the PPs.
  • James Thomas
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  • I voted for Weston because I think it sounds the best with your last name but James is a very close second.
  • Wesley Thomas would have gotten my vote.
  • I also like James Thomas but of the current options I voted James Weston.
  • I'm so over the Easton/Weston trend. Hate it. And as for Colton, it's a bit too country western for me. I voted James Brandt but Brandt is a surname to me, not a middle name.

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