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Sore nipples... Help'

my lo is 8 weeks old and i ebf but my nipples are still so sore at times. I used lanolin after each feeding. Other ideas??

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  • Ouch! Have you had your LOs latch checked by a LLL leader or your local LC? It's also possible your LO has a lip tie/tongue tie that is causing you pain and for LO to not latch correctly. Your LC or LLL leader can help you find that out as well.
  • I use a prescription cream that my OB prescribed for me....I call it nipple crack ;-)
    Here is the prescription- maybe your doctor will help! image
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  • With my 1st I was sore 8w (ok), with 2nd I was sore for 4+ months (not ok)! I visited Lactation Consultants, LLL, pedi, OB - nothing, no ailment, no tongue tie, etc.; I figure I'm sensitive and my 2nd was a "barracuda". Although I EBF both, my 1st used paci, my 2nd used me (BF more frequently). ;)  Thankfully that passed also. Wishing you figure this out and/or that it passes soon.

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  • Have you tried changing up positions to take pressure off of different spots. Side laying is a great position because it takes a lot of the weight off the breasts.
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