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DONUTS!  Glazed donuts to be exact.  It used to be my weekend treat and now it's an everyday treat!  Sometimes twice a day!  Ever since I hit the 3rd tri - I just go with my donut cravings haha.

Anyone else can't stop eating something particular?
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  • Ice cream and chocolate milk! Its so weird I have always HATED chocolate milk. But i want it like every day. I feel like a 4 year old.
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  • Anyone else can't stop eating something particular?

    Great minds think alike! I was just going to come on here and post a thread with the exact same title... except it's not something in particular, i just can't stop eating/thinking about food in general! i don't know what's wrong with me. i have definitely noticed a sweets craving lately, always wanting cake, cookies, brownies, and yep-- donuts too! we got the entemanns chocolate lover variety pack last week and it was gone in 4 days-- although my husband helped :)  

    But-- I am just so hungry all the time in general! it is back to the first trimester when I was ravenous all the time. now I am not eating as big portions because my heartburn is really bad if I overeat but I feel like that just leads to me eating every two hours... I love food and always have but tbh it is actually kind of annoying to have my entire day consumed by thoughts of food!!! Are we supposed to be eating more in the third tri? FWIW I am 35 weeks... 

  • For me it is queso dip and tortilla chips. CANNOT GET ENOUGH!
  • Ice cream and chocolate milk! Its so weird I have always HATED chocolate milk. But i want it like every day. I feel like a 4 year old.

    OMG!!! I hate milk and I keep sending hubby to get me the Nestlé chocolate milk from the store. The thought of it makes me sick but I literally crave it. This kid makes me eat random things I hate - onion rings, milkshakes, but also eat random things in general. I will say this is somewhat better than my son because he made me hate all of my favorite foods - seafood, eggs, grits and porridge. Towards the end I almost stopped eating pizza which would've broken my heart bc i LOVE pizza
  • I just can't stop "grazing" my DH can't stop laughing at this phrase.

    I am obsessed with chocolate milk too. But food in general I just constantly want to munch on something.
  • I ate a family size bag of Smartfood popcorn last night in one sitting. The swelling this morning was UNREAL.
  • Gotta have chocolate milk and normally I hate it. And I want a donut so bad but I'm trying to manage my GD
  • Yes, DONUTS. I will never ever turn one down.

    Been eating ice cream sandwiches like its my last meal.
  • J1DJ1D member
    Bread- plain bread, toast, sandwiches
    Chocolate Milk
    And just food in general- all day and all night
  • I can't stop eating waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A. They taste like heaven. Soooo goooooood.


    O'15 September Siggy Challenge -- Third Trimester Woes
  • I am hungry all the time. Last night for dinner I ate double what my husband ate. I believe he threw out the word "tubby" and said he was kidding. I told him that's funny cause I've only gained 20 pounds and you have gained that much in a year. Boo ya!
  • Lindor Chocolates & ice cream sandwiches.
  • And now I want donuts...
  • I am always hungry, period. I just have to eyeball quantity rather than going by when I'm full, because I rarely feel full. I cannot remotely relate to women who "have no room" for food in the 3rd tri. I feel like a tick about to pop, but I can eat a TON regardless, far more than I could pre-preg! It was the same way during the 3rd tri for my last pregnancy.

  • I have been craving sweets sooo bad lately . I really want pumpkin pie! I am drooling thinking about it .
  • Nutella!! On toast, with strawberries or bananas, straight off a spoon, any way I can get it!!
  • MommyPhoenixMommyPhoenix member
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    I have been craving sweets sooo bad lately . I really want pumpkin pie! I am drooling thinking about it .
    This was my mad craving last week. Pumpkin sweets.all.day.long.please! I made DH get me a pie from the store and we split it in one sitting...with fresh whipped cream and all....yum.  =P~





  • Ice cream and peanut butter.....not necessarily together but they certainly can be!  YUM!
  • @aldermanbaby - I officially now am desperate for pumpkin pie.... i wonder if I can find a sugar free recipe...

  • Haha sorry @SarahAnne1101 I am glad to share the desperation with someone my grocery store doesn't have pumpkin pie because it's not in season yet :( so I am right there with you on making my own which just doesn't have the same appeal.
  • @aldermanbaby - i have no problem making my own. i just have GD so can't really eat it. So ready to have the baby and eat all the pasta, brownies, and pie.

  • Sar29est said:

    For me it is queso dip and tortilla chips. CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

    Lol just finished this bag. Now I have about 1/3 of a jar of dip left
  • DONUTS!!!! I have been eating healthy all week and I'm soooooo stopping at Dunkin Donuts after my doctor's appointment in the morning! :)  Can't wait!  I hope I can resist a little better after this baby gets here and hormones start going back to normal
  • Yes! Donuts! I'd say about once a week in the 3rd trinester I've been enjoying a donut for lunch instead of real food. Totally hits the spot!
  • When I eat I get miserably full but then an hour later I'm ready to eat some more. I can't get enough chocolate milk, cereal, and fruit punch!!
  • Yes to donuts!!! I loved donuts before I was pregnant, and that love has only increased
  • Wish I could eat some donuts right now. GD is no fun!!
  • Lol wow so many of us craving donuts!! So funny. I also get really full at meals but an hour later I'm ready for snack! In fact, it's about that time now...
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  • Chocolate milk was a staple for me before pregnancy but this little munchkin LOVES it.

    And on the topic of craving things you hate...it's been egg rolls for me. I don't even like egg rolls but Baby does so...yeah. Whatever.
  • Cravings change every week for me it seems! First it was donuts, then anything peanut butter, then hamburgers, then chicfila sandwiches, then chocolate covered pretzels.... The entire time I've craved fresh fruit though. Grapefruit, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, berries, mango, pineapple.... You name it! Can't wait for pomegranates in October!!!
  • Am always craving for milkshake and pizza :))
  • No real cravings up til now, and this week I cannot stop eating/drinking ice water. I go through our freezer's entire supply of ice every night and easily 4-5 liters during the day. I don't have access to ice at work, so in my deprived state I spent two hours yesterday researching nugget ice makers and for some reason think it sounds totally normal that we need to remodel our perfectly good kitchen to fit an industrial size ice maker.
  • Milkshakes every day. Donuts a few times a week ;)
  • For me it is queso dip and tortilla chips. CANNOT GET ENOUGH!
    Lol just finished this bag. Now I have about 1/3 of a jar of dip left :-q
    I always end up finishing the jar half way through the bag!!!! Lol. I'm originally a "Cali Girl" so chips and salsa, chips and queso, all those yummies are my constant weakness, lol. 
  • I wish I could eat what I wanted. If I eat too much either I throw it up or I get horrific heartburn. *sigh* :-S
  • Powdered donuts sound amazing right now.


    O'15 September Siggy Challenge -- Third Trimester Woes
  • I've been waking up every night SUPER hungry. Sometimes I'll have more than one (or two) midnight snack. :( they weren't kidding about packing on the pounds in third trimester....
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