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So, this post is a little premature. Just found out I failed my first glucose test. Haven't taken the longer version yet, so it's not definitive yet that I have GD. Anyone have/had GD and going for a VBAC? Haven't spoken with the doc at all yet about it. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any info on if this decreases your chances for VBAC. Any info or insight would be great!

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  • It really shouldn't decrease your chances. The one thing you will want to find out is if your provider induces at a certain point for gd and also if they induce vbac moms. Where I live most are very supportive but I know it isn't always that way in other places.

  • I know she won't induce for VBAC moms for fear of rupture, which I am perfectly fine with. Not sure about GD moms though. Guess we shall see. Thanks for responding!
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  • I had GD and was pregnant with twins and had partially successful VBAC. My OB wanted me to have repeat csection at 38 weeks but I push for a VBAC. I was induced at 37w6d. I was already 1cm and she broke my water at 7am and started low dose pitocin. I was dilated to 10 by 6pm. I delivered baby a vaginally but had emergency csection with baby b.

    Also like PP said, see if your provider is supportive of inducing. If you are already dilated when you go in, see if they can break the water or use foley bulb.
  • As others said, it will probably depend a lot on the provider.  I am now Type 2, and at this point my OB  wants me to deliver by 39 weeks.  However, she is VBAC friendly, and will induce if necessary, so I'm hoping for a VBAC!
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  • I have GD and I'm going for a VBAC. If I stay diet controlled- which I have been for 8 weeks- my midwife says they will not put a limit on me.

    My first baby I didn't have GD and she was close to 10lbs with a huge head and was in a bad position. My midwife actually says being on the diet might help me have a smaller baby this time so I can get her into a better position.

    If it comes down to induction the OBs in the practice will have to oversee it but most of them are ok with certain induction measures.
  • I ended up passing my 3-hour test. I did ask my doc about it before I took the test and she said the only complications would that would harm my chances are if I couldn't control it with diet.

    I have also been following the diet (sort of) in hopes of a slightly smaller baby this time.

    Thanks, ladies!
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