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Anticipation driving me crazy!!!

first time UK mom here- due date 29th August! The anticipation is driving me absolutely insane!!! Can't believe I could still have to wait another 3 weeks!!! I can't wait that long to meet this little one!! Anyone else going out of their minds?! X

Re: Anticipation driving me crazy!!!

  • Due date tomorrow... And yes! My others were already born at this point!

    DS1 -6/25/11

    DS2 -3/23/13

    Missed MC D&C 8/26/14

    DD - 8/26/15

    LO#4 due 5/30/17

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  • Yes. I'm due in 4 days.... I honestly didn't think i would still be pregnant right now with how dilated I was and everything else I had going on. Now I'm feeling I'm not going to know when labor starts. You'd think I'm a FTM not a TTM.
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  • FTM and also due tomorrow! I keep telling everyone this baby is way too comfy and already stubborn like his dad ;) I have to blame it on someone, right? Tomorrow is my last day at work and I'm hoping he decides to make his arrival this weekend because I know I'll go absolutely BONKERS sitting at home all day waiting for him to show up!

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one completely impatient!!!
  • My due date was yesterday & still no baby. This was my true wake up call that i really can't plan everything.
  • My due date is at the end of the month. With everyone's announcements and finally hitting a point where I can't commit to doing things 2 weeks out, I'm getting antsy! 

    However, this weekend I have grand plans of getting cheesecake at the cheese cake factory-- nothing going to stop that!
    DS1 - 8-10-2015 LO2 - EDD 4-30-2017
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  • The anxiety skyrockets if you pass your due date. I'm 3 days past my mind & haven't even been able to sleep. No pain, just restless. Come on lil babies !!! :((
  • I may have spoken too soon. I'm getting some spotting now and I'm panicking! Midwife said not to worry if no pain and movements are ok. So of course I am worrying!!!
  • Due the same day and yes! Everytime I can a pain or contraction, I'm like please get worse!!! Lol altho I keep trying to tell myself to try n enjoy these last few days. It could be the last day of ever having her inside me (which is sad for me as well).
  • 39 weeks today & going crazy! I just want my LO here now, it's a million times harder to keep the "baby will come when baby is ready" mentality when the August board is filled with little babies & mine isn't showing any signs of coming any time soon!
  • I feel the same way! Due on the 28th and the wondering about when she's going to arrive is driving us nuts. I'm a planner by nature so this is hard; we are so excited and ready to meet her!
  • Totally know how you feel. My due date is not til the 30th and there's no sign he's coming anytime soon. At this point I'm trying to prepare myself for a September baby which is hard cuz I'm so anxious to meet him and I'm working until he shows. Glad I'm not alone! Hang in there ladies!
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