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Endometriosis and pregnancy

Hello all! I JUST found out that I am pregnant, only about 4-5 weeks along. And I have been having pretty bad cramps. However, I also have endometriosis. My whole life, endometriosis caused SEVERE cramps  that many times put me in the ER. When I was 21 I had a laparoscopic surgery laser removal of the endo. tissue and was immediately put on Implanon which put my cramps and period to a halt. That gave me a really nice 7 year break! Anyhow. I am now pregnant  with my first and am having pretty bad cramps. They are "normal" cramps TO ME (and probably other women with endo.) but much worse than I think a lot of women experience. I keep reading other boards and information stating that it can be pretty normal. But I am curious if there are other women out there WITH Endometriosis who have experience in this department. I guess I want some hope that these cramps won't last forever. I know that generally the high progesterone levels eventually put the endo. in remission. But, I am wondering if I could get some insight from other women who have been in this position. In a couple weeks, I will be seeing a doc and all that good stuff. But in the meantime, I prefer tales of experience rather than text book facts that doctors love to give. Haha! Thanks, gals!

Re: Endometriosis and pregnancy

  • I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 23. Had two laps so far. Most recent in april to improve my chances of getting prego soon . I had uncontrolable bleeding for about a year before my second lap. I got prego the first month of my lap but lost it at 5 wks. Had horrible cramps like the usual painful endo cramps i have (like contractions) with bad back pain and big dark clots. I had started with some red blood then took a turn for the worst very quickly.

    As of today I am 4 wks and 3 days prego again. Iv been taking progesteron vaginally since ovulation. Everything started ok. Good blood levels minor cramping. But this morning i started with pink/brown with discharge. No real cramping or back pain or clots like last time so i hope its nothing major. Going to see if i can get blood work today before my ultrasound on Friday.

    I hope this doesnt scare you and i wish you the best! I call my doctor like crazy for every little thing but thats just me. If your not bleeding i would say thats a good start but check in with your doc.
  • So i just noticed this post was from last year lol oops. im curious to know what was your outcome.
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