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Unknown diagnosis -22 wks pregnant

Hi Ladies,

I am from the August 2015 board - my DS has club feet and borderline enlarged ventricles (9-11mm) found in the 19wk scan.

I had an Amnio, Microarray, Echocardigram and MRI done all came back normal, MRI showed same measurements for the ventricles.

Today at my follow up ultrasound although nothing has changed/increased, they are "VERY CONCERNED" there will be something wrong with my DS. They cant tell me what the possibilities are or how severe. One reason being they said not enough women have presented similar findings in which they've followed the child and found X Y or Z. However they feel he will have a syndrome that will eventually present itself.

I wanted to know if any women on here have had a similar dx in utero? If so what is it your child now Dx with?

Re: Unknown diagnosis -22 wks pregnant

  • I had the fluid on the brain that was found at 27 weeks as a fluke considering I switched practices. She did end up with downs. However, the fluid had actually fixed itself by my final month of my pregnancy. A little tidbit, fluid on the brain for little boys isn't as big of a deal as it is in girls. The article I was given said its a 3to1 boys to girls as being idiomatic.
  • @rklinge0 thank you for responding! did you get an amnio? 

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  • I did not.
  • My daughter was born without her left arm and only part of her right. We found this out at our 20 week ultrasound. They couldn't find anything else wrong, but the doctors were convinced there would be something else wrong with her. They were very vague and wouldn't even give us possibilities of syndromes, they even told us she may have a condition not compatible with life. We did not do the amnio or any testing because they didn't even know what to look for. They found no other issues when she was born. My daughter is 2 now and is very happy, capable, and has adapted so well. She amazes us daily. It is such an emotional journey. I just wanted to encourage you as you wait. Praying for a healthy baby for you @Boslove
  • @nomimomma Thank you for posting your story! as I approach my due date (less than a month away) my anxiety is back. I hope I can have a good turn out such as you.


  • @Boslove, has baby arrived?! Hoping all is well.
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