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I read that STM progress and dilate faster than FTM because there uterus has already been through the process before they also say it's more likely for a STM to go into labor faster than FTM, buy me otping to having a VBAC with this baby my DR is treating my uterus as a FTM all over again. I was just wondering if any of these statements are true just trying to get information on how the body progresses as far as labor with VBAC moms

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  • Have you given birth vaginally prior to your c section?

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  • I'm preparing for a VBAC in October.  I've heard the same thing - that second labors usually go very quickly.  But I've never thought about a VBAC uterus being different than any other STM uterus.  My midwife did tell me about a VBAC she attended last month where the mom came into the hospital at 6cm, and 45 minutes later she'd had her VBAC baby.  I said "Yes!  That's the birth I would like too, please."  :)  

    Just wondering, did you go into labor spontaneously before your c/s?  I wonder if that would make a difference to your uterus?
    Also, did your OB actually say they are treating you like a FTM, or do you just have that impression?
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  • My doctor told me that my labor is more likely to be a FTM labor rather than STM since I only made it to 3 CM before my csection.
  • I dilated further and faster the second time around but still failed to progress. #1 took 24hrs to get to 4cm then stopped progressing. #2 took 5hrs to get to 6cm then stopped progressing. Both were overdue inductions where I started at 1cm.

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  • I never dilated past three but my water did break and my son was breech and had his first stool so I had and emergency c-section, and yes my doctor said by me never laboring vaginally she was treating me as a FTM... I wasn't aware that there's was a difference either until now
  • Basically, women that have given birth vaginally (either before or after their C-section) tend to progress like multiparas (women that have given birth at least once) and women that haven't tend to progress like nulliparas (first time moms).  

    I've heard people say that you might progress like a multip up to the point where you were C-sectioned, but I don't know if there's any actual evidence to back up that claim.
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  • O wow I would really hope not, I'd hate to have to be induced with pitocin and I am really planning on a vaginal birth
  • If you wait until your body is ready and labor somewhere condusive to a natural birth in every sense, you'll likely not need pitocin.

    3 miscarriages - 1 DS (6) - 1 DD (3)  - #3 due March 30!

  • My hospital really tries to avoid using pitocin or other induction methods when someone is attempting a VBAC as studies show those interventions increase the chances of uterine rupture at the site of the scar tissue.

    DS1 was vaginal and DS2 was emergency csection due to size and positioning (overall- everything did progress more quickly with him, though, when I was attempting to deliver him vaginally.

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  • How does ur Doctor treat ur uterus like a ftm
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