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10 mon doesn't want to stand or put weight flat footed

My 10 mon old doesn't want to stand. When I try to stand her up she points her toes and locks hers knees with her butt out. She will not put weight flat footed. My son stood at like 2 months, so this is very discouraging for me. Has anyone experienced this? or have ideas to make her?

Re: 10 mon doesn't want to stand or put weight flat footed

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    I don't have any ideas for you but just want you to know I'm in the same boat.  My guy is 10 months (8.5 mo corrected) and stands with his toes bent under and it looks super painful.  I just stretch his foot and flex it occasionally to make sure it's not getting tight.  I read somewhere than the plantar reflex that occurs in baby's feet (similar to the one in their palm) can last up to 12 months which can make it difficult to flex their feet in order to stand since when the ball of their foot hits something they reflexively point their toes.  If she is making steady progress in her other motor development I wouldn't be worried.  My guy just started crawling finally this week.  I figure he's on his own schedule and as long as I see steady improvement I try  not to worry.
  • Do you have a play jumper? My friend is a Physical Therapist and she warned me that putting my Little into our jumper for more than 20-30 minutes a day can cause toe curling. This can sometimes cause problems beyond development with standing and walking, and can affect the way a baby's posture develops. Otherwise, it's probably just a stage. If it doesn't go away in a month, talk to your Pediatrician or consider a Physical Therapist.
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  • Your Pedi should be following things/issues like this so I would call the doc.
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